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Keeping a planner is a must, but, with me having to juggle being a teacher and a student at Zoom University, it wasn’t enough. But then I found out how to block out my calendar.

What is Calendar Blocking?[bf_image id="q7k4fe-8f1hig-ap4n59"]

I know the term “calendar blocking” might seem daunting, but don’t worry, it’s really not that hard. Calendar blocking is just another way to manage your time. All it requires you to do is set aside time for the tasks you’re doing throughout the day (if you want a tutorial with specifics, I totally recommend you check out this video). For instance, if you have a paper that you think will take you an hour to write, then block off an hour on your calendar to write that paper. 

Why Should You Block Your Calendar?

Having spent the last year learning remotely, I’ve come to realize how important it is to be in charge of your own productivity and organization. Without calendar blocking, I really had a hard time keeping up with all of my assignments, which is why I recommend you incorporate it into your time management routine. [bf_image id="kr9sg8nn8rb5f72f3vcrng44"]

Personally, I do my calendar blocking through Google Calendars (although there are plenty of other alternatives) so that I can be notified when I need to be doing something. Because I’m a visual person, I also like to color code so that it’s easier to see what I need to do by just looking at my calendar.

Calendar blocking is a great way to stay organized because it can account for all of the hours of the day. And, no matter how busy you are, you’ll know what you should be doing by simply glancing at your planner. It’s also a great way to stay productive because it can hold you accountable and it allows you to see what you’ve spent your day doing.


Jazmyne Bernal

CU Boulder '23

Jazmyne is a junior majoring in Journalism. In her free time, she loves crafting and hanging out with her dog.
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