Brands That Will Spice Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Ah, spring cleaning. Whether you simply reorganize or completely reinvent your life, sometimes there’s no better feeling than starting fresh. Personally, my favorite day of spring cleaning happens in my closet. Nothing gets me excited for warm weather like putting away my sweaters and winter coats and pulling out t-shirts and sundresses. If you’re looking for some inspiration or just feel like burning a hole in your wallet, I have rounded up some cool and unique brands to check out.

  1. 1. House of Sunny

    House of Sunny is starting to get the recognition it deserves, even Kendall Jenner is obsessed. From their pastel colors to their subtle patterns, HOS positively emulates summer vibes. Although it is a little on the pricey side, it is totally worth it for the quality of pieces that will always be in style. A ton of their pieces sell out often so I would keep an eye out on their website or Instagram for upcoming drops.

  2. 2. With Jéan

    With Jéan is the perfect brand to jumpstart your spring/summer wardrobe. Their pieces are so unique yet so versatile and are all perfect for summer. They are up to date on all of the most recent trends and some of their clothes are a nod to the 90s and 2000s. I may or may not have added more than a few items to my cart while writing this article.

  3. 3. Sabo Skirt

    a picnic blanket set with cherries and pastries

    Scrolling through Sabo Skirt’s website makes me want to grab a bottle of wine, throw together a charcuterie board, and go watch the sunset with my friends. If any of that sounds appealing to you, then you need to check out this brand. Their dresses have a sweet and feminine vibe, with lots of ruffles and floral patterns. This is the perfect place to get your staple pieces for summer.

  4. 4. Beginning Boutique

    I discovered Beginning Boutique last summer and I am so glad I did. This small business based out of Australia has super trendy and fun styles that are perfect for summer. Even better, it’s pretty affordable! From cute tops to colorful dresses, their pieces will be perfect additions to your post-quarantine wardrobe. Is it just me or do people in Australia have the coolest style?

  5. 5. Jaded London

    clothes on rack

    I might be saving the best for last, but I have been obsessed with Jaded London for a while now. Jaded is my favorite shop for cool funky prints and overall unique pieces. All of their clothes are fresh, colorful, and fun! If you are looking for something no one has and will stand out, I highly recommend surfing their Instagram for inspiration.

After spending a year in sweats, I know I am ready to up my style game and try out some new looks. These brands guarantee you to be the best-dressed at any function this summer and help you feel your most confident, fun self! If you are itching for a shopping spree or just looking for post closet clean-out inspiration, I hope you check out these companies because I promise, they are worth it!