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If you’re like me, you love keeping up on new fashion trends. I’m always exploring instagram and following fashion icons to stay up to date on the fashion world. But, I also love discovering new and unique clothing stores and brands that offer something you may not be able to find everyday.

Jeans by Keely started with a talented girl and a passion. Her brand now alters and customizes vintage Levi’s denim. They can tailor and fit jeans exactly to customers preferences, but they also repurpose other vintage pieces. Their website even reads, “Whether you buy our  Custom denim or our One of a Kind denim, you’ll be giving them a new life.” Continue reading to find out about a an up and coming brand you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on.

Meet the designer:



How did Jeans by Keely start?

“Originally, I started thrifting vintage Levi’s jeans for myself. They were all bootcut so I narrowed them and distressed them wherever I wanted. Eventually my friends wanted me to make them pairs, and using their measurements and preferences, I was able to make them Levi’s jeans unique to each person. About a month after I started making jeans for my friends I created my instagram @jeansbykeely and website, www.jeansbykeely.com to more efficiently get measurement and information from my customers.”



What got you into vintage jean?

“I have always been into making old things new, and recycling. I have always had problems finding jeans that fit me perfectly, and now by using measurements I can tailor jeans to fit me and my customers. This way I can both make vintage items new, and provide my customers with unique and more cost efficient jeans. It also brings back the iconic style that has been cool since the 1970’s.”

What would you consider your personal style?

“I would describe my own personal style as trendy and up-and-coming. My mom always raised me to be a trendsetter and start new trends in my small town. By doing this, I am able to channel trends from all over the world, specifically the east and west coast of the US, and incorporate trends into my style and my small Minnesota town.”



Tell me about the vibe of your work and instagram

“The vibe of my work and instagram is always very positive. I like to make my work fun and enjoyable. My customers online and on social media are always so supportive and fascinated in what I do, and this is what keeps me going. I really like to center my work and instagram around my customers, and showing them enjoying their custom denim or one of a kind products. This way my business isn’t all about me posting about myself, it is the customers seeing themselves on our page. Although we’re very small now, we’ve gotten 2,000+ followers in 4 months, which is incredible.”


What do you love about your work and owning your own company?

“I have always struggled with figuring out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have always worked really well independently and love fashion and beauty, which unfortunately doesn’t always pay the bills. By creating this business I am able to be my own boss, love what I do, and able to work independently. I’m still not completely sure if I’m going to be able to base my career off of my current jeans business, but it’s helped me find myself and find my passions. Through doing this, I’ve had multiple girls reach out to me and say me creating this business has inspired them to pursue their own passions. This has truly made my small business worth it, because sometimes girls just need some inspiration and encouragement and they can accomplish anything.”


Any final words?

“Overall, being a female and making a small business can seem intimidating at first, but if it’s something you enjoy and are passionate about there is nothing stopping you. Take your passions and make them reality, and you won’t regret it for a second!”

Aside from her inspiring story and brilliant work with vintage denim, there is one part of her shop that adds the cherry on top. Custom patchwork. You can pick the patches on her website or even ask them to find a specific one for you! Each patch is only six dollars for the ultimate jean customization you can find.


Make sure you check out her website: https://www.jeansbykeely.com

And follow her instagram: @jeansbykeely



Maddy Atwater

CU Boulder '20

Maddy is currently studying Staretgic Communications with an emphasis in advertising at the College of Communication and Information, while minoring in both Business with the Leeds School of Business and Creative Writing in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Her involvement on campus includes being chapter President of Branding for Her Campus CU Boulder as well as holding spots in the CU Boulder Photography, Ad and Fashion clubs. Outside of school, Maddy enjoys photography and yoga (she even works at Corepower Yoga!). When she isn't in the yoga studio or finding the best food in town, you can catch her reading a good book or exploring with her friends. 
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