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Boulder Grocery Stores and How to Choose the One for You

Boulder seems to have an excessive amount of grocery stores, making it hard to decide which one to shop at. Fear not, we’re here to show you all of the options in Boulder, and why each one might be the best for you.

King Soopers

King Soopers is your standard grocery store, and is owned by Kroger. They have a wide variety and lots of cheap options. If you’re not into buying everything organic and are shopping on a budget, this one is for you! Beware that if you do come here to buy specialized health foods, it could end up being more expensive than health food stores.

Whole Foods

The Boulder Whole Foods is a food lovers’ paradise, whether you’re into health food or not. They have a giant food court with everything you could possibly think of, including a vegan Beyond Burger stand. However, they are on the pricier side, and the bill can add up quickly after a few items. I would highly recommend coming here as a occasional treat when you are feeling fancy.

Trader Joe’s

I love shopping at Trader Joe’s – it feels more like a fun experience than just shopping for groceries. They keep their options simple so customers don’t get too overwhelmed, but are well known for their Trader Joe’s brand items like their famous Cookie Butter. You can find plenty of healthy and organic options here, but the prices won’t drain the bank as much as other health food stores.

Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts is known for being an all-organic grocery store, and having a large bulk food section. Their pre-made food section is a little sub-par but they have a great selection of produce and bulk foods. They are a little cheaper than Whole Foods and more affordable for those eating organic.

Alfalfa’s Market

Another health food store on the list, Alfalfa’s is a small and easy-to-navigate store with tons of organic and specialized vegan options. However, they tend to be on the pricey side. They are independently owned and only located in Colorado with two stores.

Natural Grocers

Yet another orangic health food store, Natural Grocers takes its enviromentalism seriously, I was surprised the first time I visited that they don’t supply any bags. Customers must bring their own or use one of their cardboard food containers. They have a great selection of healthy food with good prices, a large bulk section, and many specialty and local products.


I almost didn’t include this on the list because I never shop here, but for some this is the best option. They are a conventional grocery store not specalizing in organic food, and have some of the cheapest prices. The few times I have come in I was surprised by how little stock they had, it seemed like lots of stuff in the store had been bought up. The stores are cleared out regularly by college students but offer cheap prices for a good value.

For a small town, Boulder has an abundance of grocery and health food stores, giving its residents plenty of options. Happy food shopping!

Katie Bursack

CU Boulder '20

Katie is a senior who loves good vegan food, cute cats, and being outside in the gorgeous Colorado weather.
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