A Boulder Girl's Guide To Brunch

If you haven’t had time to explore the amazing brunch options this town has to offer, I am here to help. Let’s be honest here,  one of the only reasons I leave my house is to get food or go to class. Everyone knows breakfasts is the best part of the day! I’m about to share with you my top 5 favorite brunch spots in the Boulder area!



Lucile's Creole Cafe

2124 14th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Lucille's is located on Pearl Street and they have to win for most adorable building, it’s more like a very cozy house! They have the best hollandaise sauce and some killer mimosas. The Eggs Jennifer is my favorite dish but I’ve recently discovered the Eggs Bennifer which comes with the spinach, tomato, avocado, AND ham! When it comes to potatoes or grits I love getting BOTH! I never knew grits could taste so good!! If you’re feeling adventurous try the beignets (New Orleans style donuts) they are to die for. If you’re in the Longmont area check out their Calas Pancakes (New Orlean rice style pancakes)!

Doug’s Day Diner 

2400 Arapahoe Ave Boulder, CO 80302

Doug’s Day Diner is located off of Folsom and Arapahoe and is one of the best-hidden spots in town. They usually have no wait on weekdays and only a small wait on the weekends, and it’s totally worth the wait. The portions are huge so you really get the best bang for your buck here. I love the breakfast burritos because they are GIANT and also because they are smothered in the best green chili I have ever had! Make sure you get the guac, sour cream, lettuce, and tomato on the side! They also have the best “hot cakes” in town! YUM!


The Parkway Cafe

4700 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80301

I recently discovered this awesome spot and I’m here to share about the “best-kept secret in town.” The Parkway Cafe is located off of Foothills and is indeed “hidden,” however once you get inside it feels comfortable and cozy!! I had the breakfast enchiladas and I can definitely say they have some pretty darn good green chili! They definitely know how to cook up some good eggs(something so simple but few breakfast places can get them right). I also had their pancake-of-the-day which was a cinnamon roll pancake and it was amazing! I will be returning to try some other delicious looking options!


2777 Iris Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

If you’re feeling like you need a lighter and healthier breakfast try Tangerine! They are located off of Iris and 30th, snuggled up in the corner of the shopping center. Tangerine has several vegan and vegetarian options but they also have some tasty meat options! My favorite thing here is the Polenta and Romesco dish because of the amazing polenta! I never even knew what polenta was before coming here but it is really great! The almond romesco sauce is really a delicious pairing with some runny eggs! My favorite mimosa can also be found here, the raspberry puree is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You need to try it!


Foolish Craig's 

1611 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

Located just next door to Snooze on pearl street, Foolish Craig's kind of just looks like a small cafe until you enter. I love the down to earth vibe the restaurant gave me right away and it was a plus that there was no wait! I was excited to try the food because I had seen that Guy  (from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives) has actually been here before! I decided I needed to try the crepes because after all, that is what they are mostly known for. I ordered the Foolish Craig and was pleasantly surprised with the savory crepe! I also tried the “Whole thing” crepes and they were AMAZING! Caramelized Walnuts and Bananas, Nutella, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon all in a very tasty crepe! This is another restaurant I’m excited to return to!


I hope your brunch adventures lead you to some very delicious meals! Always remember to try something new because more times than not, you’ll find something you didn't think you would enjoy!