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The Beauty of Perspective: An Interview With Photographer Lauren Elsberry

It takes a special eye to see something that many people consider ordinary and to turn into art. Perspective, the lens through which you see the world, and the way things we see in everyday life become marked as a still moment that can be remembered, is not easy. Photographer and fellow CU Buff Lauren Elsberry is someone who constantly captures the wonders of the world we live in, and strives to show people how the small things in life are the most beautiful. 

“You don’t need to have words for anything, I can just represent myself visually.”

Lauren says she has been into photography since the seventh grade and is continuing her work through college and beyond. She says that when she first started, it was all casual but as she visited new places, she realized how much she truly loved it. In the beginning, her work was heavily focused on capturing landscape and wildlife, but as she continued to take pictures, it shifted to architecture, among other things.

Lauren plans on incorporating photography into her studies and hopes to continue it as long as she can. She is an astrophysics major, and shared that astronomy photography is something she is exploring and hopes to do in the future. How cool is that? 

When asked what she hopes to share with her photography, Elsberry said the following:

“I use photography to find really small, seemingly meaningless things and turn them into some more valuable,  [making them into more tangible things.] Something small for someone is something huge for someone else and that’s what photography is all about. My main mission is to let people see the diversity of our world and how many things there are and how different they are. There is so much out there that not many people get to experience and photography is a way to make that more accessible for everyone.” 

To Lauren, it is not just about the pictures themselves. She shares that she loves representing the natural world while expressing herself at the same time. She wants to share her art with as many people as she can. She spoke about perspective, and how, “just looking at things with perspective can change the entire photograph.” She enjoys looking at things with a perspective not many people see things with, and she uses this to change the way they see the natural world.

“The entire point of photography is to say something different to each person.” Lauren spoke about how the beauty of photography is that it is up to interpretation, and a picture shares exactly what someone wants it to. People decide their own personal meaning, and that is why she finds it so special. She says photography is a broad thing, and that it is something everyone can enjoy.

Check out some of Elsberry’s work:

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Elsberry took a trip to France and shared that her favorite work to date was captured on that trip.

Eiffel Tower

When in Paris…

The Louvre

This breathtaking image of The Louvre was also taken on the same trip. 


Lauren shared that her early work started with wildlife, and here is a crazy shot to prove that.

Lauren Elsberry is a talented photographer who enjoys capturing the moments many people might not see. She shared with us that it is not something she wakes up and decides to go out and do, but a natural process that occurs as she’s walking through everyday life. Her work is raw yet breathtaking and truly speaks the things words cannot say. Be sure to check out her work here

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