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Ali Abdul is the Best Character in “Squid Game” – Here’s Why

As soon as the South Korean hit the TV Show “Squid Game,” everyone was hooked. Squid game fever spread through CU Boulder as much as the rest of America. And while I initially believed that no TV show warranted the amount of violence there was in the first episode, I soon found the sole reason to continue watching – Ali. His kindness and beauty stole my heart and I know I can’t be the only one. Here are the reasons why Ali Abdul is the best character in “Squid Game.” 

He’s kind.

From the first episode, we see that even under immense pressure (literally a life or death situation), he saved the Gi Hun from moving during “red light, green light.” He even risked tipping over in pursuit to save a complete stranger.

He has faith in humanity.

Ali Abdul is trusting. Perhaps too trusting. And in an otherwise Hobbes-esque, cutthroat competition, he really trusted Sang-Woo to not betray him during the “marbles” game. Sadly his naivety led to his downfall, but he will always be remembered as the purest character in the history of survivalist TV shows.

He’s a family man.

I still don’t really understand why anyone would realistically, voluntarily enter the game after seeing half of the players get killed off in the first round, Ali was driven by helping his family. He just wanted the best for his kids and wife. How heartwarming. 

He’s hard-working.

He truly deserved better given all of the hard work he put into his job, only to not get paid for months on end. South Korea relies on Migrant Workers more than ever, but the reality is that both the justice system and their employers treat them as subhuman. Either way, Ali’s hard work is admirable, especially because he does it to help out his family.

He’s optimistic.

He truly believed that both he and Sang Woo were going to make it out with that amount. Realizing towards the end that the game was zero-sum really hurt, knowing that Ali had his hopes up this whole time.

He’s really, really hot.

Have you seen the man? Unreal. Though all of the characters have their charm, this man’s unbelievably sexy, and that contributes to the amazingness.

You’re missing out if you haven’t watched “Squid Game” yet. Turn on Netflix ASAP.

Maya Douglas

CU Boulder '22

Maya is a junior studying computer science and philosophy. If she's not listening to her favorite music while walking through campus, she's probably developing video games with her friends.
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