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I am graduating from CU Boulder this Spring with a marketing and Information Management degree. The years have gone by WAY too fast and I am definitely not ready to enter the real world so soon. So, I thought I would share some advice that I have learned over the past few years; Whether it was from my time in my sorority, from the business school, from my mentoring programs or here at HerCampus.com at CU Boulder. College has been an amazing experience for me and I want everyone to be so blessed to have as great of a time as I’ve had the past 3.5 years! 


  1. Say “Hi!”, wave or try to smile to people as you walk to class.
    1. I always thought that this was silly advice but still tried to do it my freshman year. This is actually how I met my *still* best friend Shayna at freshman orientation. It was all her; But, she sat down next to me and said “HI!” and the rest is history. 
  2. Study Abroad.
    1. Unfortunatley, things did not work in my favor and I did not get to study abroad while at CU. But, a ton of my friends did and I’m extremly jealous. Fun fact: You can study abroad over the summer as well.
  3. Take full advantage of every academic opportunity you can in college.
    1. My freshman year of college I got to travel to France through a Freshman Global Experience program through the Leeds RAP. It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and highly recommend it. We also  randomly spent a night in Iceland on my trip and that was such a cool city. 
  4. Exercise and eat healthy at lest a few times a week.
    1.  I know eating healthy can be hard. But, it is so important!
  5. Talk to that cute boy in your chem class.
    1. You never know what can happen!
  6. Take classes that actually interest you (regardless if its an 8am or not)!
    1. My freshman year I took a dance class and loved it so much that I have taken one every year since.
  7. It’s okay to have fun in college but remember you’re here to get a degree.
    1. Everyone makes mistakes; It is most important that you can learn and grow from these experiences. 
  8. Join clubs on campus!
    1. I joined about six different clubs my freshman year just to find which ones I was really interested in. 
  9. Find something your passionate about and stick with it.
    1. This can include anything from soccer to cheer; For me it was dance!
  10. Call your parents at least once a week.
    1. I’m so grateful for my mom and all that she has done for me
  11. Look for internships throughout your college career, it’s never too early to start looking!
    1. I have been so fortunate to be a campus rep for Victoria’s Secret PINK this past fall. So, it is never to early to start looking for jobs and internships! 
  12.  If you’re not enjoying your classes/major … SWITCH!
    1. I struggled with this a lot my freshman year. But, once I was in the classes I wanted to actually be in- my life got a lot easier.
  13. Go to your professors/TAs office hours when you have questions or just to say Hi!
    1. This actually helped my grade a lot in classes. Professors are always there to lend a helping hand and will even write letters of reccomendation for you!
  14. Don’t skip class unless you absolutely have to.
    1. Skipping is never a good idea. You can miss a lot of valuable information by missing class. 
  15. Enjoy C4C food while you can.
    1. Cooking for yourself can be hard once you don’t live in the dorms anymore.
  16. Meet with your advisor once a semester (AT LEAST) to help plan out your four years at CU effectively and efficiently!
    1. My advisor has helped me make sure I can graduate on time and answers all my questions for me.
  17. Take classes that you have an interest in because in most cases you can get a major or minor in them.
    1. I have friends who have already gotten minors without even realizing it. 
  18. Hike the flatirons at least twice while at CU Boulder.
    1. ​It’s hard but it’s worth it!
  19. College is stressful but these are some of the best years of your life.
    1. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  20. It goes by way too fast, so live every moment to the fullest! 


Sabrina is a big city girl turned hiking fanatic and is currently living life in Boulder, Colorado! Sabrina is a junior studying Information Management and Marketing with a Technology, Arts, and Media minor. Sabrina is involved with her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, Peer 2 Peer mentoring in the business school, a Leeds Professional Mentorship Program mentee, and a campus rep for Victoria's Secret PINK. When she's not in class, Sabrina loves to eat sushi, rep PINK, and watch KUWTK. Sabrina's just a Blair Waldorf girl on a Dan Humphrey budget.
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