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A Wimp’s Guide To “Insidious: Chapter 2” For Date Night

Before I dive into my foolproof ridiculous plan for a horror movie, I simply want to state that I am an individual who gets scared easily. A harmless shadow, sudden noise, or the pop in of a person easily startles me and makes me jump. I mean, who jumps while watching Disney’s spin-off movie: “Finding Dory?” Anyways, for this particular premise of plan, it has to do with the preparation and experience of watching “Insidious: Chapter 2” on date night with someone who is on the newer side.     

I first want to address the physical and mental preparation that goes into getting ready for a night spent with a date along with the delightful but horrific film to consume. For this particular date, I still wanted to somewhat look nice due to this dynamic still being in the beginning stages. 

For my own preparation, I wore very slight makeup to cover up areas that personally bother me. I am an absolute fan of a clean black eyeliner look, but if you’re like me, there’s a good chance your hands will fly up to your face in fear. And you know what that means? The makeup will smear and you’ll end up looking like you yourself belong in the horror movie (totally not speaking from experience here). If you’re the opposite, and you know that you wouldn’t touch your face and risk smearing the effort, time, and skill that makeup requires, go for the smokey eye look with thick black eyeliner. Not only is it a look, but the boldness of the eyes has the chance to positively shock your date and also intimidate the monsters or spirits that flash upon the screen.  

Before you leave or have your date over, I would highly recommend that you put on some Halloween classics of music or simply some sort of music that will prepare you for the alarming music and jump scares. This preparation is not just for “Insidious: Chapter 2” but can apply to most horror or thriller movies even. To make a quick side note, I did think that I should set the Insidious opening as my alarm clock for the month of October. Talk about a sound that would most definitely get you out of bed. Besides that utter side note, we all know that popcorn is a must. I would highly recommend making the popcorn while the movie is being chosen, so the popcorn is still warm. I personally like to plan everything out because I hate wasting time, but your date may work differently (totally not dropping hints here on what my date was like). 

I will mention that If you do plan on seeing “Insidious: Chapter 2,” make sure you watch the first one. It’s essential before you watch the second one. So, the movie is now on and you’re not sure if you’re supposed to cuddle. This step of movie watching is all up for your preferences when watching a movie. Due to being a wimp, I personally like to be close enough to a person where if need be, I’ve got a hand to hold in dire fear. Every time there is a jump scare of some sort, I have a tendency to grab someone else’s hands, or my hands fly up to my face in fear. I will not lie, I have most definitely punched myself in the face due to the quick reaction of drawing my hands to my face when scared. In the case of this particular date night, I personally saw it as a success due to how my date enjoyed my wimpiness allowing them to be closer with cuddling.  

Overall, I would recommend this type of date to anyone who wants to get to know their person better. Even if you hate horror movies, this type of setting allows one to gauge the other person. My date most likely found out how easy it is to scare me, and that knowledge itself has power in the matter of what will get me closer. I will admit, I am not quite a touchy person on the surface until I get comfortable. That type of behavior is sort of weird to convey to someone who you’re just starting to know. If that particular person was observing my body language throughout the movie, they might have picked up that I enjoy the feeling of fear. In my own experience, I was also gauging a read on what they are like during movies, especially one with a lot of jump scares. I found that they weren’t jumpy, but sweet in the sense where they didn’t mind that I was jumpy. They never made fun of me being a wimp for horror movies but instead went with the flow of my natural reactions. They even offered their hand in preparation for the scariness to come. In conclusion, the main points to keep in mind is: 

  • Prepare your mindset for the visuals and sounds that will be sudden. 
  • Make sure you’re comfortably dressed for the occasion.
  • Always have popcorn ready, especially if you’re a nervous eater or just enjoy popcorn itself. 
  • Remember to have fun, relax a bit, and if your date doesn’t respect you’re a wimp, dump their a**.
Katie Jacobson

CU Boulder '23

Katie is a junior at the University of Colorado- Boulder. She is currently studying in the Classics department along with minoring in Anthropology and Creative Writing. Her hometown is Laguna Niguel, California. In her free time, you can find her discovering new music, reading, or grabbing a bagel from the Hill.
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