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As we all know, sex can be one of the most intimate activities. While this may be true, sex can feel repetitive once you and your partner maintain a routine in positions. There’s a wide range on how to switch it up once and a while, but for the sake of the article today, we are going to focus on one setting that is seen as a bit controversial or overrated — the shower. 

I know, I know. The shower seems like such an anti-sexy scene. The idea of dirt still on your body, maybe eating shit on the wet tile or the awkwardness of seeing your partner in a more intimate setting. But, I can tell you that this can be one of the best ways to have sex with the right factors. Whether that be super sexy or in a light matter, there’s no guarantee that there won’t be some awkward, humorous things that happen… but let’s get into it! 

The very first thing: 

The body is a miraculous thing when it comes to all the natural ways it preps you for sex. But, in the case of showers, there’s one rule that’s a must. It sounds a bit odd since it is a shower in itself, but to have shower sex, 


I know this sounds nuts. There’s this idea that water would be a great lube cause it’s wet, but it will actually not make this time a fun one. If you do happen to get water on you or your partner’s genitalia, I promise it’s not the end of the world. But in the case of now, water will only make either side of this experience difficult as it acts as a drying agent when it comes to sexy time. The process of water avoidance can be a bit tough, but depending on the size and layout of your shower, this is easily manageable. You are always welcome to turn the head of the shower to flow against the wall so water is a lesser issue.   

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The positions you and your partner may want to try:

So, we got the layout of the water rules. The next thing that’s going to want to be addressed is the different positions that are doable in this environment. This process is most definitely a trial-and-error process, especially with what kind of shower you have and the height difference between you and your partner. As a side note, height doesn’t matter in the long run, but the difference in height proportions is a factor that ties into comfortable sex while in the shower.

 In the case where height is favorable for the two of you, there is a specific position to have in mind. 

The “Backed into the Corner:” 

This position is where the person receiving the penetration has their back against the wall. This position allows some fun time where bodies can be closely pressed against each other. If there is some moisture on everyone’s body excluding the key parts, it’s not too much of a big deal! It’s also a very intimate position where eye contact can be intensely held, or can be easily broken by any steamy make-out sessions. In the case where water has already unfortunately made it to the particular spots, that doesn’t mean fun time has to be over! This would be a perfect chance to wash each other, and ramp up some of that sexual tension. I will say… this certain method is most definitely frustrating with all the teasing that can arise.  

The soaked seat:  

This all depends on the set-up of your shower, which is very unfortunate to admit. I have also been able to manage this position, and I can say that this is the best position where the chance of slipping or falling is very minor. The soaked seat is where the receiving can straddle or sit upon the lap of their partner to break that sexual tension. I wish I could offer some advice for riding, but sadly your girl was just not built with those talents. 

The drowning doggy: 

Okay, you’re not going to physically drown in water with this one, but I’ll be damned sure you might be drowning in the sexual tension. This certain position is an alternate position that is parallel to the actual doggy style. This is one of my favorites as this position opens up many opportunities to tease your partner and them to do it back.  

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The Precipitating Pretzel: 

I find this one to be a bit cramp-inducing, but if you’re able to tough it out, go champ! Anyways, for this position, it will look something very similar to the first position mentioned. One of the only differences is one leg of the receiving will be wrapped around the partner. This certain position is a great way to bring your partner closer to you, but you may want to be wary of height differences. Personally, I have gained a couple of foot cramps while holding my leg up high on a partner taller than me. I could just be a wimp with this particular position, so it’s just a personal quick warning!

Other Alternatives that are shower related: 

So, let’s go over the alternatives if water does in fact touch any parts of your body that are going to be used in penetration. For my individuals who like to be fully clean when they get out of the shower, the option of a quickie against the dry shower is always an option. I typically go to this option with my partner when we are sort of on a time crunch with adult responsibilities. To do this position, it’s very easy to execute if your shower is a combination of a shower and bathtub. The receiving partner leans over on all fours over the edge of the bathtub while the other person involved gets behind. As a fair warning, I would recommend that the receiving partner is aware of where their hips are placed along the edge. If you are not looking for bruising, be wary of where natural weight is placed. No shame in bruised hips if it’s an interest, but if you don’t want a reminder for later, watch where your hips are placed! 

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In the case where you are already in the shower and wet, this is a perfect time to tease. As mentioned before, the intimacy of a passionate make-out and intimate mutual wash can ramp up those sexual tensions. After these exchanges, it’s up to you or your partner if you’d like to continue after a quick dry-off following the shower. In the case of respect, there’s nothing wrong with pausing or putting a pin in activities for later if the water becomes a certain issue of comfort. 

For my Hes, Shes, and Theys: 

There’s nothing wrong with a solo act. If you currently aren’t seeing someone and want to have a moment of sexual health self-care, there are options! In the case of sex toys, there’s a variety of dildos and toys that can be brought into the shower itself. Whether that be waterproof sex toys or physical transportable dildos; the sex toys have you covered. I personally love a water-proof vibrator. This here is one I would highly recommend. In the case of realistic or unrealistic dildos, there are ones out there that have a suction cup at their bases. With this particular function, the toy is able to be suctioned to the shower wall and be used accordingly. I personally have not gotten one yet, but it is on my to-do list! One thing to be wary of is that the wall must still be dry before the toy is suctioned on. Again, water is not exactly sexy time friendly with surfaces! It should also be kept in mind that the toy should also be removed from the wall to avoid any possible trapped water. We may be a water-loving household, but the leftover and forgotten water may interfere with the toy’s material or even hold a slight mildew smell! 

So we’ve got our basics of shower sex. And, we all now know confidently to avoid water touching the genitalia for a sexy and steamy time in the shower. We also know that if water does make contact, it’s not exactly the end of the world. There are options and opportunities. In the case that you are not seeing anyone, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of sexy self-care, either. If you do have a partner, don’t forget to increase those shared showers. With global warming and droughts, it can never hurt to share showers to conserve water!

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