8 Basic Items Every Working Woman Needs in Her Closet

As I near graduation I’m forced to think about adequate and appropriate work clothes. While of course it can vary based on the environment where you work and the climate that you live in, here are a few standard items you should have on hand.

  1. 1. Matching Suit

    Whether you have this on hand for an interview or a special occasion, a matching skirt or pantsuit is essential to have.

  2. 2. White Button Down

    Asian woman leaning on white table

    A classic choice, white button-downs can be easily dressed up or dressed down and go with virtually everything.

  3. 3. Lightweight Blazer

    Blazers have the ability to transform any outfit into a classier look. Go for something more lightweight no matter where you live and you can always layer up for colder weather.

  4. 4. Knee Length Skirt

    Not everyone goes for the skirt route, but if that’s your thing I recommend purchasing a knee-length skirt, either in a solid color or a more versatile pattern - think black and white checkered. Knee-length or more ensures it will always be workplace appropriate, which is really important in a professional setting.

  5. 5. Classic Black Slacks

    Slacks are just in general a good thing to have on hand, and opting for a black pair ensures you’ll always be able to find something to match, even in a rush.

  6. 6. White Undershirt

    Whether you use it under a suit or blazer or need it underneath a more sheer blouse, it is always good to have a white undershirt on hand.

  7. 7. Black Tights

    This is especially helpful if you live in a slightly colder climate and ensures you can wear skirts all year round. They can also help pull together and complete a look.

  8. 8. Nude Shoes

    This should kind of go without saying, but having neutral or nude-colored shoes is essential. Not only will it match virtually everything, but it makes it easy to plan an outfit in a pinch.

Hopefully, this gave some insight into some closet basics you need to be the working woman you aspire to be and gives you a good starting point for your post-graduate wardrobe!