7 Ways to Get Over the Flu Fast

As this spring semester began, I found myself unable to get out of bed. With a fever, sore throat, and a deeply congested nose, I had caught the flu...during the worst time of the year. Between trying to make it to class, contacting professors, and stressing about being behind in school work already, I completely disregarded the much-needed home remedies to make myself feel better. So, with my luck, I am still sick and finally focusing on how to get back on my feet. Here are the top 7 tips I have for you that have worked best this flu season.

1. Take Long, hot showers

The Creative Exchange The Creative Exchange / Unsplash I took at least 4 different types of over the counter decongestants, yet none of them worked. I found myself waking up constantly throughout the night with a dry sting on my throat. This was probably from breathing too much through my mouth. However, one night, I decided to just sit in my shower with the water turned on as high as I could handle. I wouldn't sit directly in the water as it may irritate your skin but let the steam build-up. My nose cleared up completely for a few hours. I would recommend doing this every night before you go to bed.

2. Hot tea is your friend

poetry book & tea Pexels

When you have a cold or the flu, most likely a sore throat will pop up. I found that drinking a lot of hot tea helped with the pain. If you add fresh lemon and honey to your hot water, it helps as well. Drinking a lot of tea will keep you hydrated which is key when you’re sick.

3. Soup for every meal

Mirepoix Shun Matsuhashi / Spoon

I know this is the most stereotypical tip for when you’re sick, but the warm and salty broth not only helps your throat but it made me feel so much better every time I ate it. The protein from the chicken or beef helps too, especially when you don’t feel like eating heavy meals.

4. Stay home!

pug in a blanket Unsplash

I made the mistake of dragging myself out of bed and getting to class as to not miss any material so early in the semester. This may be the reason why I am still sick because I felt so much worse every time I got home from class. Just stay home and sleep. it will be much easier to get better if you just stay in bed and stress about making up school work when you’re well.

5. Put a warm washcloth on your face

Love Romantic Bath Candlelight Breakingpic / Pexels

Putting a warm washcloth on my face throughout the day helped clear up my nose and ease tension in my head. This also helped me sleep more soundly throughout the day.

6. Vitamin C and Zinc

Orange Slice Above Shot Ellen Gibbs / Spoon Get your vitamins in! I learned this from my mom and it really works. Even though you may already be sick, taking Vitamin C and Zinc (you can find these pills at the grocery store) will shorten the duration of your sickness. I would recommend taking Vitamin C and Zinc even if you are just starting to feel sick because it may prevent you from actually getting a full-blown illness.

7. Wash your sheets and toothbrush

Lindsay Thompson-Miami Laundry Posing Vintage Pensive Lindsay Thompson / Her Campus Washing your sheets throughout the duration of the sickness will keep you from bathing in your own germs which may prolong it. Your toothbrush could also be holding on to unwanted germs so stick it in the dishwasher periodically to get rid of them.

I hope this helps all of you who may have caught the terrible flu that has been blowing through Boulder the past couple of weeks. Stay well, everyone.