7 Totally Random Products I’ve Purchased Since Lockdown

Yes, my online shopping has increased slightly since quarantine started (I’m justifying it because I’m not spending money on anything else outside of my home). It’s called "supporting the economy".

  1. 1. Wanderer Bracelets

    I received a Wanderer Bracelet as a gift a while back, and I absolutely loved it. I’ve given a few as gifts recently, and they’re such a hit. While they have lots of different products, my favorite is the custom coordinates one. I love picking a place that is meaningful to someone else, makes you think of them, and that they are able to always carry (wear?) with them. Bonus: I have a blue bracelet and a salmon bracelet. Click on the links to see where my coordinates are ;)

  2. 2. Pura Vida Bracelets

    Do I need more bracelets? No. Especially after I just told you about a different bracelet brand? No. But, Pura Vida was having a saleeeee. I couldn’t resist. They are always adding more anklets, rings, and bracelets that I want to add to my collection. And every purchase goes towards saving the elephants or the ocean or something, so you can’t say no. Oh, aaaand you get stickers with every order!

  3. 3. '47 Brand Hats

    Every time '47 Brand has a sale, I feel compelled to buy one. I’m not sure why, considering I don’t were hats. But for whatever reason, the idea of getting a new hat makes me think I’m suddenly going to start wearing hats. I never do, so I want a new hat to make me try it. It’s a vicious cycle. Nevertheless, cute products.

  4. 4. Ink Cards

    I’ve been sending Ink Cards for a while now, but they are the perfect way to send love through the mail when everyone is stuck at home. There are tons of categories and designs to choose from, plus you can add your own photos. $2 to make someone’s day? Boys, take note. Also, who doesn’t like mail? Download the app and start awkwardly asking for your friends’ addresses.

  5. 5. Just about anything on Etsy

    I know this is vague, but shoot, Etsy is a magical place to get lost on your computer for a while. Personally, I’ve been scooping up posters to spice up my room (since I’m sitting in it all day long) from tons of different sellers (see below for the fantastic designer I bought from, Disney of course). Hobby Lobby isn’t prepared for the damage I’m going to do on their frames once they open back up.

  6. 6. Books, duh

    Ahhh, books. I’ve never needed a library so badly. I’m reading "The Sun Is Also A Star", "Isla and the Happily Ever After" (and honestly, all of the Stephanie Perkins books), and the memoirs of both Andrew Lloyd Webber and Bob Iger (see mom, it’s not all teen romance fiction). Please send recs my way!  

Thank you to the mail carriers that are still working each day to deliver the random assortment of things I’ve ordered! Checking the mail has become a small victory each day (that also gets me out of the house).