7 Steps To Get You Through Your Next Group Project

Hello to all my fellow CMCI, Leed’s, and whoever else has project based majors!! Let’s address the ever present problem that is “group projects.” Our professors love to assign these to us because, ultimately, we are the students who are entering the field of working together FOREVER.

Are you the person that takes the hardest part just to make sure you get a good grade? Do you put in more hours than the rest of your group? Are you tired of completing entire projects for your group? 



Alright, let's talk about why these projects are not so great and how we can make the best out of them!


1. “Remember that the group projects are due in 2 weeks!”

So you’ve had all semester to work on these projects and here’s your wake-up call. Get a group message started and make plans ASAP.


You created a group message and you were feeling pretty good about yourself but nobody could meet up and now here you are a week before a large presentation is due. Try to remember that this always happens so be that person who makes stuff happen the week before.


2. Group Meeting #1?? Maybe?

Time to meet with your group for the first time. Remember, you’ve been in classes with these people since the beginning AKA Principles of Advertising or Marketing and Management for example. The real dilemma here is finding a time to meet because in reality people don’t want to or have the time to.

                                                                       Don’t be this person. No matter how bad you want to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy.  

3. Location, location, location

Where is the most effective place to get stuff done? Starbucks on the Hill? I’d say not, t that’s everyone's go-to spot, and finding small tables to push together is just not going to cut it. The fishbowl in Norlin? This spot is still distracting and in reality, nobody likes that one group who can’t seem to keep relatively quiet. Try renting a room in Norlin, Kobel, or even the gym!


                                                             Ultimately you will end up at Starbucks not getting anything done. Try to be the voice of reason.


4. Group Chemistry

We have a few kind of people we see at the first team meeting:

Group projects are bound to have all kinds of people and while some of the people you get paired up with may not have the drive that you do, try to mediate the group how you see your group succeeding. Group chemistry really makes a presentation better, so even though you may not like everyone,                                                                                                                  try to see the best in people. 


5. The Google Doc/Powerpoint

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably share the Google doc 2 weeks in advance to have your whole group ignore it until the night before. Try to remind your group that you have shared a document with them. When you’re putting in the hard hours remind them again that you are on the document and they should probably join you.

Most group members will immediately “volunteer” to do the easiest part that you were also eyeing and you will willing take the hardest part because that’s just who you are. Remember to ask for help when you feel like you’re doing the larger load!


6. The Night Before

Everyone is entering the panic stage and scrambling to throw together last minute looking kind of work. On top of this nobody wants to meet up to practice the presentation. All of this doesn’t really make you feel great because you know you’ll have to go in and correct everyone's errors and make everything look presentable for the next day. Remind your group of the rubric and of that one professor who ALWAYS asks you questions to test your knowledge at the end.

Make sure you feel confident on your topic because that is the only way to truly feel prepared in front of your peers. Send your group articles they may want to read before presenting and let them know that it's always good to know as much as you can on the topic. 


7. The Presentation

This is your ultimate “HA I told you” moment but it’s also the terrible “Oh crap, this is graded as a group” moment. Walk up to your presentation with the most confidence you have because it easy to determine the groups that know what they're talking about vs. the ones who don’t. Own your presentation and remind your group that you guys are gonna kill it.





In reality, it sucks to be the one who always puts in all the effort into every group project you’re assigned. Exhausting even. Quit taking the load and start learning how to get everyone to work with you. There are only a few more weeks until summertime Buffs! Let’s all work together to get those grades we deserve!