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6 Tips to Prepare Yourself For National Send Nudes Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

6 Tips to Prepare Yourself For National Send Nudes Day



Hello people of modern day America! So if you didn’t know (like myself ) today is National Send Nudes Day…Yes, someone made a day for that. Many of us have seen the send nudes vines and memes that have been created over the past year. In addition to that  Urban Dictionary defines National Send Nudes Day as – April 18th being the day you send nudes to someone you feel comfortable with like a boyfriend or girlfriend, even a best friend or even your side piece Becky. Okay, so before you exit out of this article please stay because it only gets better from here. Naturally after seeing this I have decided it’s only fitting to create an article. So people of American in honor of this National Holiday I have decided to give you a guide on how to prepare yourself for National Send Nudes Day.

If you’re reading this, Sorry Mom!


Clean Your Room or Find a Better Background

Please for the love of everything make sure if you are using your dirty mirror to send your dirty selfies you better have a clean bedroom or background. Nobody wants to see your dirty clothes and empty food containers in the background of your picture.


Have Fun With It

This seems silly but having fun with it  makes it easier for both parties. Try posing like a your favorite VS or Celebrity. Laughing a lot helps too and brings your natural smile.

Get creative girl!


Make Sure Its Okay Before Sending


nobody wants to see an unsolicited nudie


Know Your Good Angles

To enhance the look of your body know which angles work for you the best. By finding the right angles and poses you can add emphasis to areas lacking oomf


Stay In Your Comfort Zone

Its okay to not be fully nude when sending some sexy selfies. Wear something that you feel sexy in and don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to do. It’s your body show it off how you want to.


Be a Tease!

Wear just a tee shirt or a tight tank and rolled up shorts or maybe show off your legs or cleavage. Being a tease is fun and there’s a million ways you can do it so go for it and try something new!


I hope this article either gave you some decent tips or a really good laugh either way

Have a good day and be careful who you send your nudies to!


XOXO – Michaela


Michaela is a rising Senior at the University of Colorado Boulder where she is majoring in psychology and working towards minors in education and leadership. Outside of the classroom, Michaela is a founding member of the Phi Mu Xi Alpha chapter and a 4-year member of Her Campus x CU. On the weekend you can find Michaela shopping on Pearl St. or driving up to the mountains.