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6 Hairstyles for Second Day Hair

If you are as lazy as I am when it comes to your hair, washing it everyday is a legitimate struggle. Stress no more about getting up an hour earlier, these hairstyles will let you be lazy while looking chic. 


1. Pigtail Braids 

This look is super easy and cute. Kim and North definitely look adorable in this matching hair-do. 

2. Textured High Pony 

To achieve this perfectly messy pony like Gigi effortlessly does, all you need is a little dry shampoo and a hairtie. I especially love to wear this hairstyle if my hair was curled the day before. Second day curls look great in a ponytail. 

3. Sleek Low Bun 

Pull your hair tight and use a serum to keep flyaways down. 

4. Messy Half Bun 

This is a fun half-up half-down style that requires little effort. Simply toss half up in a messy top-knot and quickly run a curling iron through the bottom half. 

5. Braided Pony 

If your second day curls don’t look so good in a high pony and you don’t have time for a hot tool, braid the pony. It will take you just a minute and it totally looks like you put in some effort.  6. French Side Braid 

Cara Delevingne rocks this simple twist on a french braid. Instead of continuing to add onto the braid, pull it closely against the side of your head and let the rest hang loose. 

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