6 Bath Time Essential Oil Blends for Whatever Your Body Needs

We all know how helpful essential oil diiffusers can be for our minds, but did you know putting them in your bath can be super beneficial as well? Use these blends to help your body and mind get through whatever you're going through.

  1. 1. For pain, soreness, and swelling

    7 drops of Lavender 

    4 drops of Eucalyptus 

    3 drops of Chamomile 

    2 drops of Peppermint 

    3 of Sandalwood (alternate for chamomile) 

    1/2 cup of Epsom salt

  2. 2. Mood boost

    6 drops of Lemon

    5 drops of Spearmint 

    2 drops of Thyme 

  3. 3. Sleep

    9 drops of Lavender 

    3 drops of Chamomile 

    1-2 drops of Vanilla 

    Handful of Sea Salt

  4. 4. Stress relief

    5 drops of Lavender 

    7 drops of Rose 

    2 tbsp of Coconut Oil

    Handful of Sea Salt

  5. 5. Sinus headache

    9 drops of Peppermint 

    5 drops of Eucalyptus 

    Handful of Sea Salt 

  6. 6. Motivation/mental stimulation 

    6 drops of Lemon

    5 drops of Basil

    2 tbsp of Olive Oil 

    8 drops of Rosemary

I hope you try these out and have a great bath time!