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As we have all figured out by now, Zoom University is no joke. Whether your classes give you headaches, blurry eyes, or back pain (what are we, 50?), you've probably faced some sort of rough patch in your new ~intimate relationship~ with your laptop. Here are a few products that could make online school a little more bearable!

Laptop Stand

Laptop stands aren't just for getting the perfect zoom angle. This zoom essential brings your screen to eye-level, keeping your back straight and your elbows bent at 90 degrees. 

Btw, stop slouching. 

Blue Light Glasses

"Manufacturers of blue light glasses claim that they help reduce headaches, reduce eye strain, and improve melatonin secretion to reduce symptoms from blue light exposure." -Medical News Today

Also, they can be really cute. Next time you get a discouraging Screen Time Report, check out these blue light glasses from Francesca's. 

Plant Nanny

Just because you aren't going to class in person, does NOT mean you don't need to hydrate! Plant Nanny is a fun (and adorable) way to remind yourself to drink water. And, with this water tracking bottle, you'll find even more motivation to stay hydrated. 

Desk Pad Calendar

Some of us need a little extra help with remembering to turn in homework.

Totally not me though...

This desk pad calendar is big, convenient, and RIGHT in your face. It's worth a shot if you need a better way to remember your schedule, and if you still forget an assignment, there's always the trusty "wifi issues" excuse ;).


Ok, you already knew this one.

I cannot stress this enough: INVEST IN A GOOD PAIR OF SWEATPANTS! You will be living in them for the next year, so make sure that they are soft and made of quality fabric. 

Pretty Little Thing Sweatpants, paired with a blouse and blazer on top, carried me through my final presentations last semester. 

Cheers to passing this semester of Zoom University in comfort and style!

Kaitlyn Waynick

CU Boulder '22

Strat Comm major with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Leadership. Avid lover of coffee, dogs, Netflix, and travel. Southern-raised but a big mountain girl.
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