5 Winter Hair Color Ideas to Try

Winter is a time to change up your hair for the dark and cold months to come. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a salon day after finals or your color needs a touch-up, here are some ideas to embrace that winter shine. 

  1. 1. A Honey Moment for My Blonde Gals

    Blonde hair is always gorgeous, and giving it some golden honey color for the winter will help bring out your natural glow during the dry season. 

  2. 2. Brighten Your Brunette!

    Give your brown hair some dimension by adding caramel highlights. This is a great way to brighten your style without a drastic change. 

  3. 3. Go Ashy for a Change

    Sometimes it’s good to tone down your look and try an ashy color instead. Ash brown has a stunning effect in snowy winter photoshoots!

  4. 4. Toffee Pieces for Any Base

    This dynamic of partially dark brown and partially caramel blonde can be pulled off whether you’re going light to dark or adding light to your already dark hair. Either way, this look is gorgeous for winter. 

  5. 5. Platinum, But Make it Festive

    Feeling adventurous? This mix of platinum and light blonde takes the bright summer platinum to a new level to pull it off for winter holidays. Stun everyone around you with these ice princess vibes. 

Happy holidays and happy coloring! XOXO