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5 Weird Food Combos That Somehow Work

Everyone kind of has weird food combos maybe their parents introduced them to when they were young and a lot of them are very acquired tastes so it is not a guarantee that people will like them. When I was researching for more unknown combinations I came across ones that are a little too out of my comfort zones like onions on peanut butter sandwiches or baked beans on ice cream; but hey to each their own, I put ice in my cereal so there are definitely some that would classify me as a heathen. But let’s face it, they’re so fun to experiment with and it’s like the old saying, don’t knock it til’ you try it; so here are 5 food pairings that maybe shouldn’t work but do.

1. Peanut Butter on Hamburgers

Source//Food Network

I was first shocked when I read about this because of the seemingly heinous pairing, but if you really think about it, how is it any much different than the infamous Elvis combo of peanut butter, banana, and bacon? Also, I’m just saying the Food Network has a whole recipe on it, so it has an actual chef’s seal of approval.

2. Honey on Pizza

Source//Serious Eats

I was kind of introduced to a similar pairing while working at Einstein’s Bagels when my coworker made me try an Asiago Bagel with Honey-Butter, well shoutout to Morgan because that became my break food of choice. Sweet cheeses are totally a thing so I guess this one isn’t totally out of the left field, and I mean, the Sink always has honey at their tables FOR this purpose sooo  

3. Cheetos and Cream Cheese

Source//Food Network

Do you know how I was talking about weird combos kind of stumbled upon within your family? Well, this is mine. Don’t ask me exactly how this happened but on a road trip, my mom decided to dip Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos into Cream Cheese and honestly, it’s basically the same as cheese and crackers and it’s really something people need to start getting behind.  

4. Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty and Fries


Sure, milkshakes and fries are a fairly known and loved combo but there’s something so niche about the flavor from the Wendy’s frosty that somehow makes it superior to any other. (PSA: Not sponsored just trying to educate the masses). The sweet with the salty or the creamy with the crunchy, there’s so much depth you’d think it was an intentional creation.

6. Popcorn, Melted Butter, and Soy Sauce


This was something I had never heard of or even considered but immediately knew I would enjoy just based off my unmatchable love for popcorn and soy sauce separately. The tricky part with this one is you really have to figure out the right ratio, which of course is subjective, but I figure most people don’t want super soggy popcorn (unless you’re into that, the only mild judgment here). But regardless, 10/10 would bring out on a movie night.

Megan Grote

CU Boulder '21

Megan is currently a senior at CU Boulder, graduating December 2020, pursuing a double major in Communication and Chinese, and minoring in Information Science. Originally from Virginia, Megan grew up overseas in Qatar and loves learning about people and their experiences with the world. Her passions include all things ocean and space related, animals, and introducing others to the curative powers of funky socks.
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