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5 Places to Get Gifts Your Best Friend Will Be Obsessed With

For as long as I’ve remembered, I have LOVED the act of giving gifts. Something about watching someone’s eyes and face light up after receiving my gift filled my heart with so much joy. As a child, my bedroom was regularly scattered with a wide array of crafting supplies and it was there where my 8-year-old-self would dedicate hours on end to handcrafting extravagant gifts and cards for loved ones.

My ways of gift-giving have changed a lot since then, however, my love for it has remained the same. Given the little time I have as a college student, it’s more important than ever for me to find gifts that are not only convenient but also give off that meaningful aspect of gifts I’ve made as a child.

Here are five of my go-to places to shop for gifts.

Natural Life

If you have a friend that is into bohemian and hippie items, Natural Life is perfect for it! This brand features a ton of different products including clothes, hair items, car accessories, and home decor. What makes this place unique is all of their items are super colorful with a ton of fun patterns and positive quotes printed on them. This store is mainly based online, but there are some small shops on Pearl Street that sell a limited range of items from this brand.

Lucky Feather 

I discovered this brand when I came across some of their products at Francesa’s and I instantly fell in love. Their jewelry is more on the dainty side, but they have a variety of cute jewelry pieces centered around themes such as zodiac signs, birthdays, city coordinates, and morse code. You can find this brand in small boutiques like Francesa’s, but I’d recommend purchasing items directly from their website for a wider choice of products! 

Knock Knock

Knock Knock features a bunch of unique and humorous items such as books, journals, notepads, and desk accessories that are perfect for home office gifts. My favorite item to buy from this brand is their “fill-in-the-blank books,” which are books with different prompts that you can fill in to describe what you love about your gift recipient. You can buy these books from their website, Target, Barnes or Noble, and Amazon.


This place, by far, has the CUTEST scrunchies! This brand is based online only, but they sell hair accessories such as scarves, headbands, and athletic watch bands for Apple watches! I highly recommend buying from here because their designs are not only cute, but it’s also a good way to support a small business.

Evil Queen

Like ANDI’s, this store is an online-based small business, and what makes these candles different from your average candle is their hilariously witty and unique scents. Just to give you an idea of what their scents are like, some fragrances featured on their website include “Stolen Hoodie,” “Can’t Adult Today,” and “Exhale the Bullshit.” Their candles are also handmade, vegan, and non-toxic, which is a big plus! 

No matter what occasion you may be shopping for, these places are the best when it comes to finding gifts for a friend. Hope you give these places a try! 

Jessica Nguyen

CU Boulder '21

Jessica is currently a senior at the Leeds School of Business and is majoring in Marketing with a certificate in Creative Technology and Design. She is a big lover of all things art and music, and when she’s not in class or hitting the books, you’ll most likely find her petting other people’s dogs, making a baking disaster in the kitchen, or daydreaming about Paris.
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