5 Ideas For Dating in a Pandemic

Now dating during a pandemic can be slightly difficult when a lot of things you’d normally do are closed or limited. I’ve seen a ton of cute date night ideas on TikTok and decided to make my own mini-list. I recommend keeping your local COVID-19 guidelines in mind when planning your dates.


  1. 1. Be Creative.

    watercolor painting

    The list of socially distanced ideas are pretty slim and honestly could put you at some risk. A few of my favorite dates during the beginning of quarantine was having a fancy date night in my boyfriend’s garage. Yes, you read that correctly, in the garage. My boyfriend cleaned up a cute table for two, we dressed up and ordered Texas Roadhouse for a sweet way to still have a date night even when everything was closed. 

    Some more creative nights in would be:

    1.) Build a fort for movie night

    2.) Do a painting night

    3.) Make a scrapbook

  2. 2. Food Lovers.

    The Lalacheese Plate

    If you love making food or you prefer to order out there are plenty of ways to make this date your own. Now I know charcuterie boards became a trend on TikTok and it would be a fun date to have a little charcuterie board competition.

    You could also do your own version of Iron Chef, to execute this you'll need to pick up a few key items from the store like a meat or fish of choice, an option for a side, and dessert. You'll place these items in baskets and each pick one and prepare a dish featuring that item. The person who picks the side will make dessert. It's a fun way to make a yummy meal and spend some quality time togeather.

  3. 3. Try Something New.

    During quarantine, I started playing golf. This was something I never ever thought I would do but it was actually fun. My boyfriend and I stumbled upon some cheap clubs at Goodwill and with some of my grandfather’s old clubs I now have a close to a full set. I’ve only been a few times and I may not be the best, but at least golf skirts are trendy now. I challenge you to pick up a new hobby or at least try something that you’d never think you’d ever do.

  4. 4. Get outside.

    Hiking Shoes Boots Mountains View Adventure Climb Fun Original

    Since I was home in Texas during much of the quarantine, going outside was not on my list of things to do (haha), but I did purchase some inflatable kayaks and take them out a few times over the summer. 

    Some fun ideas for getting outside are:

    1.) Have a picnic

    2.) Go for a hike

    3.) Visit a farmers market or outdoor shopping mall

  5. 5. Have a Staycation.

    Woman standing on a balcony across from a "hotel'

    Now this one would have to be dependent on your area, but doing a staycation in an Airbnb or nearby hotel could be a fun way to get out of the house. I love being a tourist in my own hometown and doing all the basic things everyone does when they come to visit Dallas. You never know you could get some awesome quality time or find a new place you both enjoy visiting.

I hope you all have fun with these cute dates and create some fun memories! I definitely had a lot of fun making this list and trying some of these dates on my own. 

Stay Safe & Healthy,