5 CU Student Artists to Check Out

A lot of us now are finding new ways to keep busy, and whether that be picking up a camera, learning a new instrument, or something else, everyone needs some inspiration to begin. These are five friends/artists who are students here at CU that constantly inspire me to get more in touch with my creativity. 

  1. 1. Mason Hall

    Year: Sophomore 

    Major: Media Studies 

    “The most rewarding thing about art for me is being able to express the way I see the world. If something’s inspiring or I come up with something in my head that’s difficult to put into words I can translate it to a tangible thing that’s exactly how I want it to look.”


    Check out the rest of his work @masonhall_art on Instagram. He is also open for commissions!

  2. 2. Jess Vosseteig

    Year: Sophomore

    Major: Studio Arts with an emphasis in Drawing 

    How she got into art: “I would say my passion for art didn't come from anything specific, I just grew up creating art as a kid and fell in love with it and never stopped. As I grew up and my art progressed I found a love for illustration, and now I mostly draw illustrated and stylized portraits. I get a lot of inspiration from color combinations, fashion, and unique people.”

    Check her instagram out @jessvoss_art and DM her for inquiries!

  3. 3. Jordan Altergott

    Year: Sophomore

    Major: Strategic Communications

    “My work is inspired by a lot of the music I listen to as well as photographers Zoe Rain and Sean Hagwell.”

    Check out her Instagram @jordanaltergott for amazing concert/band photography (and the occassional bunny portrait) 

  4. 5. Ciera Dykstra

    Year: Junior 

    Major: International Affairs and Political Science 

    Her new series: A series of painting people’s bodies to promote self love because so many people are feeling weird in quarantine right now. 

    “I started this series and first painted myself, because my body has been changing in quarantine as I eat more sporadically and exercise less. I wanted to see myself in a different light. Then some people asked me to do theirs, and I realized we are stuck in the house with diet culture still surrounding us. I wanted to help people see their bodies in a beautiful way as they change during this global trauma. I’m continuing to run my business not just to pay my bills but to provide some excitement and creative outlets for people too.”

    "Art is healing many of us right now, and I am trying to contribute to this collective healing."

    "10% of all my profits are going to support boulder county Covid relief efforts as well."

    IG: @zany_art03 

    Etsy: ZanyArtByCiera 


Thank you to all these artists for taking time to talk to me and share your work. If you have read this far, please go show my friends some support in any way you can!