5 Chic Pumpkin Decorating Ideas that Will Impress Your Friends

5 Chic Pumpkin Decorating Ideas that Will Impress Your Friends    


Halloween is around the corner and hopefully you have visited your local pumpkin patch, taken some cute photos, and most importantly picked out your favorite pumpkin!


Now it is time to carve your pumpkin! Today I am going to show you how to decorate your pumpkin, without getting your hands dirty with pumpkin guts!


1) Glitter


Bring out your inner Kesha and go all out with glitter!


2) Rhinestones


Rhinestones are a great way to dazzle up your pumpkin.


3) Paint


For all you artists out there, paint is a colorful option to liven up your pumpkin.


4) Sharpie and Flowers


Clean writing and floral arrangements make for a sleek and chic pumpkin!


5) Lace


Classy and elegant, lace will dress up any pumpkin for Halloween.


Time to decorate your pumpkin to be as unique as you are!


Your girl,


Nikki B