4 Simple Ways to Beat Writer's Block and Spark Creativity

Creativity, specifically that of writing, can be an outlet for many people, but if writer's block is getting in the way of your imagination, look no further than these six methods that are sure to help you put that pen to some paper.

  1. 1. Use a Random Word Generator.

    If you need help adding an interesting twist to a manuscript, coming up with a story setting, or just can’t decide what to eat for dinner a random word generator will solve all your problems. No matter how lost you are, the power of randomness will always help you do the most basic thing… Think! I have found that it is best practice to set aside a piece of paper and write down immediately what comes to mind when you read your random word. This random word generator is as customizable as you can get, offering a number of options ranging from syllable counts for a riveting haiku or a first and last letter option for that killer rhyme scheme.

  2. 2. Listen To or Read Something Educational.

    The world has some 7.5 billion people in it, every person with opinions about an innumerable amount of topics, and fortunately, media makes it possible to have access to the lion share of these options. Let other people do the mental heavy lifting of inspiring you by listening to what the educators, innovators, and journalists of our day have to say. If you have a go-to news source, stamp out that confirmation bias and go check out another outlet. Some great resources that have inspired my writing in the past are TED Talks, podcasts from National Public Radio (NPR), and foreign newspapers.

  3. 3. Check out some art.

    Similarly to my points about educational pieces, consuming creative media is a sure-fire way to help you come up with some new ideas. Art is an expression of ideas, ideas that you can use to let your imagination run free. Maybe the color scheme of an abstract painting reminds you of a fond memory you’d like to write about, or an odd caricature catches your eye and helps you to create a villain. Either way, if you cant make a trip to your local art museum, even though I would definitely recommend you try, a simple google search should turn up thousands of pieces for you to feast your eyes on to get those creative juices flowing. Oh, and if you’re truly lost Renaissance art has plenty of interesting qualities; check out this Tumblr page dedicated to the ugly babies of this era.

  4. 4. Take a Walk.

    If you’ve made it this far in the list then you may need to resort to drastic measures to get rid of your writer’s block… going outside. In all seriousness, studies have shown that connecting with nature is a sure way to boost mood, relieve stress, and enhance creativity. In fact, even just a 20-minute walk in an urban park has been proven to insight an intense reduction of cortisol, a stress hormone. Beyond the health benefits of going outside, taking note of the world around you can help to stimulate your creativity as well. I recommend taking a small notebook or using the notes app on your phone to jot down details that stand out to you. As opposed to visual art, being in nature is truly a sensory experience, draw on this stimulation and use it to add some engaging and natural flair to your writing.

Whether you're a seasoned writer or are just starting to hone in on your creative genius, following these simple tips is a sure way to help you overcome writer's block and pen a piece to be proud of. Happy creating!