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27 Amazing Theme Party Ideas for that Upcoming Special Event

Theme parties are the best parties, hands down. You get to wear things you usually wouldn’t, there are endless opportunities for banter, and you get the best photos ever. Any time I throw a party, if I have my way it will be themed. 

That being said, the negative side to theme parties is deciding what your theme should be. You want it to be fun, easy for everyone to do and enjoy, and not too much of a financial commitment. 

There’s even an added bit where you could throw a party that has masks in the theme, like a “Grey’s Anatomy” or another medical show theme. This means that you can continue partying while feeling a bit more safe than you may at a regular party during these times. 

  1. Bald Party

You can each come as yourselves and bald, or as your favorite bald celebrity. This one is sure to make everyone laugh, and might even make some of the guys nervous for their future.

  1. Dress As Your Favorite Celebrity Joe

Joe Biden, Joe Jonas, Jojo Siwa, Joe DiMaggio, Joseph Gordan-Levitt, etc.

  1. Wigs

Bobs, long hair, bangs, you name it! Pick up a fun wig from Amazon or Party City and become someone new for the night.

  1. Monochrome

Just how it sounds! Everyone wears all one color for a total monochrome look. With enough people, you can even create a rainbow together!

  1. Black and Red

If you like the colors idea but want everyone to match, go for a moody black and red or pick your two favorite colors.

  1. Dress As Your Favorite Animal

If you hopped on the cow print trend last year and now have nowhere to wear it, come as a cow! Just don’t serve any burgers unless you want the party to take a serious turn…

  1. Anything-but-Clothes (ABC Party)

Plastic bags, paper, food bags, trash cans, bedsheets, you name it. As long as it isn’t clothing, you are dressed correctly. 

  1. That Thing in Your Closet You Never Know Where to Wear To

We all have that item (or those items!) that there’s never really an occasion for. Make those clothes worth their price tag and wear them!

  1. To the Nines

Get your fancy clothes out and maybe even re-wear your prom dress to get lots of good photos and make a night to remember. 

  1. Decades

Bonus if anyone comes as an 1800s decade instead of a 1900s.

  1. PJ Party

For a comfy and cute party where you can come super casual and not stick out, go for a classic PJ party. Complete this fun theme with a movie and some snacks to dive into that nostalgia. 

  1. Christmas in July or Lūʻau in January

Sweating in ski jackets and beanies or bikinis in the snow!

  1. Valentine’s Day When it isn’t February

Pink, red, white and hearts all around will make this a romantic evening with lots of fun.

  1. Dress as You 10 years Ago

Yes, you heard me. Find a photo of you 10+ years ago, print it out to display at the party and recreate the look.

  1. Dress as Someone Else in the Group

You can even make this one a guessing game where you don’t say who you’re supposed to be dressed as!

  1. Dress as an Inanimate Object

Hairbrush, pen, tampon, laptop – you name it! Any inanimate object will do.

  1. Dressing Duos

Frog and toad, PB&J, Cher and Dionne, Cosmo and Wanda, etc. 

  1. Marvel Characters

I know one of you has just been dying to dress up as Black Widow and show off your landing poses.

  1. Masquerade Ball

Ever since I found out what a masquerade ball was, I wanted in. Indulge your inner child and create a mask out of paper, lace or cardboard to have a hidden night. 

  1. Cast of ______

“Gossip Girl” (seen above!), “Cars”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Sex and The City”, “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Big Mouth”, “Breaking Bad”, “Freaky Friday”.

  1. Sims

This may be the most low-effort one on this list. Wear anything, as long as it’s paired with the iconic green diamond above your head.

  1. Commercial/Ad Characters

The General, Mucinex Man, The Charmin Bears, California Raisins.

  1. Book Characters

“Captain Underpants”, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, “Harry Potter”, “Divergent”.

  1. Pokemon Trainers

Pick your favorite trainer, or just the one you have the clothes to match, and relive 2016 with PokemonGo or use the even older Pokemon cards.

  1. Cereal Mascots

Tony the Tiger, Lucky the Leprechaun, Trix Rabbit, Cap’n Crunch, Toucan Sam, etc.

  1. Dress as Your Parents

Dress as your parents now, or when they were your age! It could be 1980s hair volume or their work uniform, have fun with it!

  1. Dress as One Person Surprise Party

This one just seems so fun. If someone has an iconic outfit or a general style that you can all copy, they will be so surprised when they walk in and everyone looks like them!

Have a fun time, go all out with your theme and take lots of pictures for when you’re old so you can say, “Ah, the fun I had when I was young!” Cheers!

Marita is a junior at CU and supply chain & operations management and marketing major with a creative technology and design minor. She loves fashion, design and cooking. In her free time, she loves to go on walks and hang out with her bearded dragon, Walter!
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