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25 “Boulder” moments as told by Gossip Girl 

25 “Boulder” moments as told by Gossip Girl 


Hey boulder-ites, Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of CU’s elite. Today I’m commemorating my 10th anniversary as queen of the blogosphere and to celebrate i’ve decided to list out the top 25 “Boulder” moments every CU student has, purely for your viewing pleasure. So sit back, relax, and try to not get too nostalgic for the good old days of S,B,C,D, and N on the Upper East Side.

1. When the first thing your professor says is that he has a strict “no laptop policy”


2. When you see a cute dog outside of Starbucks on The Hill


3. When it’s your 13th hour in Norlin but you’re still not done with your work 


4. When your professor assigns a paper that “can’t be completed overnight” and “will take a few weeks or research and revision to be done correctly”

5. You and the squad leaving your apartment on a Thursday night


6. Looking at the textbook that you bought but didn’t open once the entire semester


7. Waking up starving on sunday morning and your bestie is like – “I got food”

8. When it’s been a month since school started and you already feel like this


9. When the boy from your bio class, the boy from sigma apple pie, the boy you met at a party last week and the boy who lived in your dorm freshman year all stop texting you.


10. When you run into your horrible roommate from freshman year


11. Walking past Boss Lady 3 days into your new diet


12. When you are peer pressured into going to the mixer


13. When it’s saturday night you’re out on the hill and probably won’t make it past the pre-game but your friends are like

14. Introducing yourself to your little’s new little


15. When someone brings up your tinder from freshmen year


16. Trying to be friends with the weird TA to get ahead in the class


17. When you roommate catches you sneaking in at 6:30am


18. When you find out the date dash theme is CEOs and Office Hoes


19. When you see some girl at the party flirting with your boyfriend who isn’t your boyfriend, but he’s YOUR boyfriend


20. When you walk into the TA lounge for the first time


21. When someone at Dark Horse takes away your fake


22. When you try to convince yourself at the start of the semester that you’re not gonna miss class


23. Trying to convince your professor to bump your 89.99 to a 90


24. How you feel when your bff is hungover and you have to take care of her


25. When you’re just trying to walk under university bridge to go to class and get cat-called by homeless men for the 5th time this week  


That’s all for now kiddies, be sure to send in your tips to

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Lauren is currently majoring in Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences and minoring in Business in the Leeds School of Business, Leadership in the LSM Program, and Women and Gender Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Colorado Boulder. On campus Lauren currently holds the position of Her Campus CU Boulder's Chapter President and Campus Correspondent. She also acts as an Aerie Real on campus ambassador, held the position of  Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Rep for CU for the previous two years, and acts as the social media chairman and event coordinator for the PSICHI Psychology Honors Club within CU's Psychology department.  Outside of school Lauren founded and owns Empyreal Photography. When she's not looking through a camera lens or somewhere drinking chai, you can probably find her in a yoga class, petting a dog, or daydreaming about New York City.  
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