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Do you remember the days when we used to go on long drives with friends, blast music, roll down our windows and do that little wave with our arm slightly hanging out the window? 2020 may be taking us for a wild ride, but that doesn’t mean we can’t steer in another direction. Bring back the fun, reflect on good times, and make some amazing memories this week! Here are some songs to supplement your trip:

“Someone Else’s Dream” by Absofacto

Dreamy, beat-heavy, and uplifting! This song reminds me of late-night adventures, high school dances, and all of those sleep-drunk memories.

“Fire for You” by Cannons

Another dreamy perfection. This song will make you feel like the main character on a beach in Malibu with the love of your life. It is the epitome of late-night walks on the beach.

“Jewelz” by Anderson .Paak

What a bop! This is neither dreamy nor majestic; it has such a strong beat and will make you want to get up and dance in a Laundromat.

“Long Beach” by Kota the Friend

Did someone say dreamy? Obviously, I’m obsessed with a good, dreamy beat, but who doesn’t love a song that practically forces you to move that bod?! This one also has a solid jazz undertone. What more could you ask for?

“Tangerine” by Glass Animals

If you’ve never heard of Glass Animals, have you been living under a rock? Go listen to them immediately! Their lyrics may be a bit out there, but their beats are so strong and creative. The band includes so many little, priceless additions to each of their songs and they never fail to get stuck in your head.

“Chemicals” by SG Lewis

This song reminds me of surfing with friends on the coast of California. Mind you, I’ve never gone surfing, but if I ever do, I’m playing this song. Lewis’s voice is flowy, smooth, and stunning!

“Weekend” by Clubhouse

Another driving classic. The drumbeat in this bop is so prevalent and supplements the singing so well. It’s a masterpiece, period.

“Magic in the Hamptons” by Social House

You’re probably familiar with this light rap. If you ever want to impress someone, go on a drive with them and sing along to this song like you own everything in sight.

“Dollar” by Electric Guest

Piano, a soft voice, and some light drumming. If I ever went to an alternative jazz club, this is what I would expect to hear.

“Lose my Mind” by Jai Wolf

This one is strong from the very beginning. Start playing it right now and there is no way that you won’t be dancing within the first five seconds. And the song just keeps getting better as it plays!

Play these songs on your next late-night adventure, or, better yet, play them right now and get inspired! I guarantee you’ll want to get up and dance.

Renee is a new member of Her Campus CU Boulder. She is a freshman majoring in Integrative Physiology and following the pre-medicine track. When she’s not busy dancing away her problems at her desk, she enjoys snacking on açai bowls, hiking in the mountains, and rewatching The Office.
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