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20 Things College Has Taught Me This Semester


  1. It’s okay to f*ck up sometimes. (Just remember to pick yourself back up!)

  2. It’s also always okay to ask for help!

  3. Don’t skip class unless it is absolutely necessary.

  4. Just because the kid next to you may be smarter, doesn’t mean you need to quit the class (competition can be healthy and push you to be your best)!

  5. Find someone to push you to be your best in your classes.

  6. Study in groups to find out what you need to spend more time learning before tests.

  7. Finding out the kind of learner you are can benefit you in the long run. Visual?

  8. Go to office hours to get help- there’s no reason to be intimidated!

  9. Make friends with your professor/TA/LA, they can even help you network for a job one day.

  10. Don’t be lazy. Put in the actual time it takes to pass a class. This means no skipping!

  11. Ask questions. If you’re thinking it, there are probably 5 other kids that are thinking it, too.

  12. Don’t cram the night before a test.

  13. Go over what you are learning in class every day when you get home from class. This way you won’t feel extra stressed as exams approach.

  14. Make friends with kids who are also knowledgeable in your class, and study with them! This way you can both learn and teach each other.

  15. Find the best way to study and always do it! Are you a flashcards type?

  16. Get plenty of sleep. (read: more than 5 hrs!)

  17. Eat 3 meals a day! This will keep you energized and ready to tackle every day.

  18. Plan ahead.

  19. Don’t be afraid to make lists and time out your whole day- especially if you have multiple exams coming up. (Time management is key!)

  20. Sit in the front. Professors appreciate students who speak up and pay attention in their class! (Yes, they notice)

Sabrina is a big city girl turned hiking fanatic and is currently living life in Boulder, Colorado! Sabrina is a junior studying Information Management and Marketing with a Technology, Arts, and Media minor. Sabrina is involved with her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, Peer 2 Peer mentoring in the business school, a Leeds Professional Mentorship Program mentee, and a campus rep for Victoria's Secret PINK. When she's not in class, Sabrina loves to eat sushi, rep PINK, and watch KUWTK. Sabrina's just a Blair Waldorf girl on a Dan Humphrey budget.
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