20 Signs You Go to CU Boulder

If you relate to any of the following, chances are you go to CU Boulder… and everyone knows it. How many of these 20 things can you shamelessly admit to?

  1. You have gotten a parking ticket and have complained about it online

  2. You have posted a photo before break saying you will miss Boulder

  3. You have worn a big fuzzy jacket with a bathing suit at formal

    4. You have used the caption “roommate back in Boulder”

    5. You have posted a photo of your sorority house with the caption “home”

    6. You have complained about Boulder’s bipolar weather

7. You have worn ski goggles to a party and you don’t even ski

8. You have ordered a white buffalo at the Buff.

9. You have a designated pair of frat shoes

10. You have redbubble stickers on your computer

11. You have edited stars on an Instagram photo

12. You love the avocado toast at Alpine Modern

13. You own the brandy Colorado t-shirt

14. You have tailgated too hard and haven’t made it to the game/left early

15. You have ordered an Uber for an extremely short distance

16. You have cut a CU t-shirt for game days


17. You have bought something at Ragstock solely to wear at a party

18. You have waited way too long in the Starbucks line in the UMC

19. You posted a photo from beachapalooza

20. You use hungry buffs way too much