10 Ways to Make Your Makeup Look Even Better

We all have been there. We wake up, put on some makeup, and think it is the best look we’ve ever done. The day goes by, and after long hours it looks nothing like it did when you left this morning. So many things get in the way of a makeup good lasting for hours on end, but there are a few ways you can ensure it looks and stays at its best all day long. From brows to your under eyes to lipstick, here is how to take any look to the next level, and make sure it stays there as long as you want it to.

  1. 1. Be sure you moisturize, SPF, and prime.

    oval makeup brush with compact mirror

    While this one may seem like a given, it is probably the most crucial step to a smooth, long- lasting makeup look. However, it is also the easiest step to forget. Applying a hydrating moisturizer and a good primer for your skincare needs are essential because they create the canvas on which every other step of your routine will sit on. Sunscreen is crucial to not only protect your skin from the sun, but because it’ll do wonders for your skin in the long run, and protect it from the products you will be wearing all day long!

  2. 2. Apply your powder with a blending sponge.

    Powder is something that scares a lot of people, but it is what locks in all of the product ensuring it stays put for hours on end. It is also the product that cracks and breaks apart the most because it is responsible for absorbing everything your skin produces throughout the day. If not blended in fully, it can look chalky. Applying it with a blending sponge and pressing it in for about 45 seconds will give you a seamless look and set it in place until you decide it's time to wash your face.

  3. 3. Brush your eyelashes with a bit of loose powder.

    While we’re on the subject of powder, I’m going to share the one step I take every day. With an eyeshadow brush, I brush my lashes with a bit of loose finishing powder before I apply my mascara. This separates them, gives an illusion of longer fuller lashes, and prevents it from smearing below your lower lash line.

  4. 4. Do NOT set your eyelids before doing your eyeshadow.

    Yes, I am insane. Thank you for asking. I know this completely contradicts everything you’ve ever learned about liquid and powder and mixing them together, but hear me out. Eyeshadow is a pigmented, colorful, powder. Setting your eyelids after priming with powder or another shadow only creates additional layers that can lead to more creasing throughout the day. It also reduces the pigmentation and vividness of the colors you choose.

  5. 5. Before eyebrow gel, apply a thin layer of powder.

    I was not gifted with good brows. Every day, I go in and create my own. I also have oily skin, so no matter what I use, some of that goes away through the natural course of my day. To fix this, I brush a small amount (not enough to be noticeable) of powder after I do my brows, but before setting them. It secures them and makes sure that every hair stays in place.

  6. 6. Apply a bit of blush on your nose.

    There is no true purpose behind this. It's just cute and really ties the look together.

  7. 7. Highlight your cupid’s bow.

    womans face with stickers

    See number six for reasoning.

  8. 8. Set your eyeliner with an eyeshadow of the same color.

    Don’t get me wrong. Eyeliner is a powerful tool, and it does not need to be set. But, it is an area where eyes get watery. Where you are opening and closing them all day long, and if you're like me… take a nap or two. We are also prone to touching our eyes and don’t even get me started on how Zoom impacts our screen time. So, eyeliner is bound to fade and rub off throughout the day. Putting eyeshadow on top of it is a protective measure for this. 

  9. 9. Invest in some blotting sheets.

    No matter what your skin type is, these are amazing. They allow you to touch up any areas that might be breaking apart or moving. Whether you just finished working out or just need to quickly refresh your makeup look, these will be your best friend. These are my favorites.

  10. 10. Prep your lips.

    I feel like lips are the most disregarded step of a makeup routine. By the time we finish, we just slap on lipstick and move on with our day, but the skin there is so sensitive and deserves more attention. When applying lipstick, it is important to remove any makeup residue, exfoliate, and ensure you have applied a moisturizing lip balm before applying the lipstick. A bonus tip is to take a small angled brush and line them with the lipstick to ensure a smooth, clean appearance.

    Bonus, bonus tip: when you are finished applying, blot lightly with a tissue or a blotting sheet to maximize wear time. 

Makeup is an ever-changing thing, and no matter what steps you take, it’ll look great. These are just a few tips and tricks to step it up and ensure it stays on the way you want it to all day long!