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10 Puppies To Lighten Your Mood

As another midterm season comes to a close, the exhaustion and lack of motivation can be all-consuming. The week leading up to Thanksgiving break is arguably one of the hardest with not only midterms but class papers due as well. For many freshmen, the well needed week off from school is greatly anticipated with the idea of a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal and friendly pets to welcome you home.

Need a pick me up? Here are some adorable puppers to lighten your mood:

1.) This pup helping you check your mail: 2.) This adorable lil’ white floof: 3.) This smiling angel: 4.) This sweet lil’ lion: 5.) These two siblings waiting for a snuggle:

6.) This adorable pupper getting in the holiday spirit: 7.) This adventurous pup:

8.) This doggo waitin’ for a belly rub:9.) These sweet puppers who deserve all the treats: 10.) This fine young lad:

Pictures: Pinterest

Lea Brody-Heine

CU Boulder '22

I am a freshman at CU Boulder, but a true Oregonian at heart. I am very passionate about politics, especially women's rights issues. In high school I was Layout Editor, Copy Editor, and Staff Writer for my school's news paper, The Pinnacle. I am a huge tea drinker and if you ask my roommate, she'll say I have enough tea on my desk to supply someone for a lifetime.
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