What To Do In Colorado This Holiday Season

As finals and this semester finally come to an end it’s time to head home for the holidays and finally relax and have fun without worrying about assignments or exams. Some of you may not be staying in Colorado for the holidays but many of these things are available in other states.

One of my favorite parts of this time of year is seeing all the lights everywhere. Every year the Denver Zoo puts thousands of lights up all over the zoo often in the shape of different animals. You can walk through the zoo, get some hot cocoa and see the lights for a cute date or a fun time with friends. If you prefer to stay warm while looking at the lights Water World has a drive through light show. You can drive through the park and look at the different lights they have set up while staying cozy in your car. If you’re more of a spontaneous person you can always just drive through different neighborhoods and look at the lights that people put up on their houses.

For your inner child you can drive to Cascade and see Santa’s Workshop. They have different rides like roller coasters and a carousel for all different ages. There are fun shows like magic shows as well as an arcade or you can just go to Santa’s house and see Santa and give him your list for Christmas!

For fun close to home you can wait for a good snow and get a sled or an innertube and go sledding on a hill nearby. Most cities also have indoor skating or outdoor skating if you want to brave the cold. My boyfriend and I had our first date 5 years ago at the Belmar ice skating rink and ever since it has been one of our favorite spots this time of year.

Of course if you stay in Colorado one of the classic things to do this time of the year is to go skiing or snowboarding. If you get a ski pass you can get multiple uses out of it and it’s a great excuse to keep going for all of break. Many places in ski towns also have hot springs which are a great way to relax after hitting the slopes.  

There are always plenty of winter things to do without even leaving your house. You can sit and watch cheesy Hallmark movies with hot cocoa. You can decorate your house with sparkly lights and weird inflatable animals. You can bake cookies or other sweet treats like gingerbread and make your own gingerbread house! With finals over and winter break beginning no matter what you do over break don’t forget to relax and treat yourself for all the hard work you put in.