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Top 8 Tricks to Improve your Instagram

Top 8 Tricks to improve your Insta

With the new algorithm in full swing, a lot of instagrammers have gotten hit with a hard toll of fewer likes, fewer followers, and fewer comments overall. Though engagement isn’t everything, understanding how to get the most out of the popular app is a great thing to have on resumes and can even start a new business for you! Here are my top 8 tips on how to make your insta insta-worthy:


1.      Stay Active!

The best way to get likes and comments back is to stay active with the people you follow, especially your mutual follows.


2.      Post consistently

Find a pattern that works best for your account and stick with it! Most popular accounts will post multiple times a day, but for starting out, I would suggest posting at least two times a week. This will keep your followers engaged with you and help boost your account, so your posts won’t get lost in anyone’s feed.


3.      Vertical > Horizontal

This trick is not too critical but is definitely something to keep in mind. Vertical pictures will take up more space on the screen of your follower’s phone when they’re scrolling through their feed, so they are not only more likely to actually see your post, but they’re also more likely to like it.


4.      Start a theme

Having a theme can really set the tone for your profile, as well as draw followers in who share the same aesthetic. The theme can be as specific or as general as you prefer. You could use a specific filter on Instagram, edit your photos on VSCO, or even just keep a similar consistency throughout what you post.


5.      Keep things interesting!

Don’t just post the same photo or the same pose every day- spice things up a little! If you want your Instagram to feature mostly pictures of yourself, don’t be afraid to go out and adventure deeper into town to find different backgrounds and sceneries. Old Town is a great place to start and has a lot of character.


6.      Utilize every feature

Of course, posting a picture on Instagram and looking through your feed are two of the most important aspects of Instagram, but be sure to pay attention to your Discover feed, stories, and the live features. These can help your followers see more into your life and are really fun to play around with!


7.      Hashtags, tags, and locations

When posting a picture, be sure to tag any people in the picture with you, tag the brands that you’re wearing, and if you’re somewhere specific that has an Instagram account, tag their business too! This will increase your chances of your picture being reposted, and lets the companies see who you are and what you’re doing to promote their brand. Using hashtags and tagging your location will help expand the reach of your photo as well.


8.      Higher quality, Higher engagement

Try to maintain a high resolution with every picture you post. It’ll keep your profile looking sharper and more professional. This does not mean you need to go out and buy a  imDSLR in order to have a successful Instagram- your phone’s camera

Hello! My name is Melody and I am currently a sophomore at CSU studying marketing and merchandising. I love dogs, tacos, and photography! I am also a VS PINK Campus Rep!
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