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Being a fashion major that is focused on sustainability is sometimes very difficult. As much as I want to spend all my money on sustainable and ethical clothing brands, the reality is my wallet cannot afford it & I really need to stop maxing out my credit card. Here’s a list of a few places around Fort Collins to thrift.


1.     Plato’s Closet

I have a love hate relationship with Plato’s Closet. For those who don’t know, Plato’s Closet is a second-hand retailer that allows customers to sell their new or gently used clothing for cash on the spot. They then sell those clothes up to 80% off retail value. I say a love hate relationship because I love being able to score good deals (like the brand new with tags Michael Kors wallet I got for $10) but sometimes the amount of money they give you is really disappointing.

I usually visit Plato’s twice a week to get quick cash on items I no longer need and scope around to see what hidden treasures I can find.


2.     Clothes’ Mentor

I recently went into Clothes Mentor for the first time a few days ago and immediately fell in love. Clothes Mentor is the same platform as Plato’s Closet, but they target women rather than ‘junior’ clothing. Within the first five minutes of myself browsing, I discovered a Reformation sweater dress that was brand new with tags. Clothes’ Mentor is definitely going to be on my thrifting runs from now on.


3.     Repeat Boutique

Right across from CSU’s campus is Repeat Boutique. Repeat Boutique is the most adorable thrift store you will ever walk into. You can find everything from clothing, to shoes and even household items. They are a consignment shop which means you don’t get cash on the spot for your items, but rather a percentage of the profit when it sells.  I love Repeat Boutique because of the unique treasures you can find. They have everything and anything and you are guaranteed to walk out with some amazing item.


4.     Flamingo Boutique

Flamingo Boutique is a must thrift spot. Like Repeat Boutique, Flamingo is a consignment shop. Flamingo is a smaller location but filled with amazing finds. The staff is always so friendly, and you are bound to find something you love.


5.     Ragstock

Ragstock is a hit or miss for me, but I always love checking out what they have. Ragstock has a thrifted & vintage section in the back of their stores. You can find anything from vintage flannels, to Halloween costumes, even to sick denim jackets. I love Ragstock because



In my last article I talked about not shopping fast fashion. Hopefully with these five local thrift spots, you are able to get your shopping fix while being sustainable & helping out local businesses too. The best part? You can still find majority of your favorite brands (like Urban Outfitters, Zara, and Forever 21) at these stores for a great deal & you’re helping the environment!! 

Becca is currently a senior studying apparel & merchandising with a business administration minor at Colorado State. She loves sustainable fashion and discovering new ethical brands. Becca is a Target soccer mom at heart who is obsessed with tacos. This year Becca is one of the CSU Fashion Show directors. When not busy with school, work, or extra curricular activities, you can find her loving on her dog (Corona), hanging out with family & friends, sleeping, or at the local Target (OBVI).
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