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Spring Break Planning as told by “The Office”

Spring break is near, meaning that planning the best vacation with your besties is already happening! Though your spring break destination will be filled with cute instagram photos, partying and loads of fun, the adventure it took to even get there is a WHOLE other story. Here is a couple of The Office gifs telling the typical story of planning your college spring break!


1. Realizing Spring Break is only a couple weeks away


2. Gathering all your friends to figure out a plan, IMMEDIATELY


3 . Everyone yelling on deciding where to go and what to do (which is actually a mini war zone)

4. The one friend who finally settles us down to start planning (aka the best mom friend ever)


5. Calculating how our poor college budgets will support this trip


6. Finally deciding on a location that works for everybody



7. Everyone calling their parents to see if they are even actually allowed to go


8. Having everything planned out and not wanting to do anything in class until then




9. Figuring out what to pack for the trip and having NOTHING to wear



10. Leaving campus to finally enjoy your vacation

11. Calling and texting EVERYONE to find out what the hell is actually happening


12. Meeting up with all your besties to leave on the plane/car/etc.

13. Finally, heading out to the spring break of your life!


Hi, my name is Karony (Care-uh-knee)! I am a second year HDFS student at Colorado State University and I love being involved on campus. You'll probably find me working VS PINK events on campus or fundraising for Camp Kesem. Check me out on Instagram: @AmatoDaVoi
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