Spark Joy – New Year, New Me

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Marie Kondo by now & if you haven’t, go Google her now. Long story short, Marie Kondo is a organizing consultant and an author. She wrote a few books on organizing and now has a Netflix show, in which she directs people to dispose of items that no longer ‘spark joy’.

Now, I’m not usually one to keep (or even make for that matter) new year’s resolutions but this year feels different. I know what you’re thinking, ‘just another basic girl pretending that a new year will bring a new her’. But I’ve grown a lot within the past year and am excited to keep growing.

After watching the first episode of Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, I immediately went through my room and got rid of anything that wasn’t necessary and didn’t spark joy. I thanked the items and put them in a pile for donation. I hadn't realized how many things I continued to hold on to though I no longer needed the item or even used it. 

Now fast forward to me coming home from the bars on my 22nd birthday – I did the same thing but through my social media platforms. I went through and unfriended, unfollowed, etc. people from my life that I felt were holding me back for whatever reason. I was so tired of trying to meet the expectation of certain people when in reality it. I was tired of living for ‘likes’ on my photos rather than posting whatever I wanted and not caring about what others thought.

It’s only been a few weeks since I have adapted Marie Kondo’s methods –  but I have noticed SUCH A DIFFERENCE. I am on my phone less & living in the present more. I am learning to love myself for who I am and not for how I feel like I need to portray myself. I no longer feel the need to impulsively buy items because I want them but rather actually make responsible buying decisions. I’ve genuinely become a happier person and I am excited to continue on this journey of sparking joy within my life.

With the new year already a month in, I hope you are able to spark joy in your life EVERDAY. Remember that it is okay to remove things & people from your life that no longer help you grow or spark you joy. Work every day for yourself, push yourself harder & achieve YOUR goals. 


Xoxo, Becca