Should You Delete Your Instagram?

I am sure you guys have heard about the Facebook scandal over the last couple weeks, you know the one where 87 million Facebook users’ personal data was shared without their permission? Since the news broke a lot of people have decided to delete their Facebook accounts including Elon Musk, Cher, and Jim Carrey.

A lot of you probably don’t even use Facebook anymore, but Instagram is not out of the question.

News Flash: Instagram is owned by Facebook.

They may be 2 different apps, but the same personal information can be accessed from Instagram. Although it may not be as easy for Instagram’s’ 3rd party apps to get your information, bugs like the one back in September play a part in your privacy. This bug allowed millions of personal identifiers be shared and sold to 3rd party companies via Bitcoin.  Not only can 3rd party companies have access to your personal information, but your phone habits are also being payed attention to.

Did you think it was a coincidence that an ad for those shoes you just added to your cart is now suddenly popping up everywhere? Companies can pay to get your information. Including your age, zip code, and gender to target their products towards you.

Whether or not you delete your Facebook and Instagram is totally up to you. Even for me deleting the accounts that connect me to my friends and hold all of my memories is hard. If you decide not to just keep in mind the possible circumstances and consequences in the future.