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President of Delta Delta Delta: Maddie Swall



Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Year: Junior

Major: Biology Major; Minoring in Conservation Biology

Hobbies: Photography, Yoga, Reading

Involvement: Delta Delta Delta and working at a Research Lab in the Biology department


Who is your biggest role model?


“I would say my mom because she’s always been a super independent woman. My favorite trait about her is that she’s really strong and she knows she can do stuff on her own!”


Why did you choose CSU?


“I knew I wanted to go out of state and my dad went here for his undergraduate so it was one of the schools that I looked at.” Maddie claims. She confesses that she was on the fence about actually choosing Colorado State University, but ultimately went on a tour to confirm that she really loved it here.


Why did you choose Delta Delta Delta?


“On the second day, I talked to the woman that is now my big, it’s one of the big reasons I joined. I just wanted a nice community. I liked that we were smaller and I could know everybody on a deeper level. ”


Did you ever see yourself as president of a sorority?


“NO! Absolutely not!” Swall exclaimed to me. Her freshman year, Maddie truly was just looking for something to do on campus. Being a shy introvert, it was hard to believe that she would ever have such a big leadership position. She was chosen as the Vice President of Membership and shortly after, was given the title of President for Delta Delta Delta!


How has being a Tri Delta changed you?


“It definitely has made me more introspective and learn more about myself.” Maddie tells me. Tri Delta has given her a total confidence makeover since beginning her adventure at CSU. From coming in as a relatively reserved freshman, joining the Theta Lambda chapter has given her personality a complete 180°!


What advice do you have for someone entering Greek life? Someone interested in officer position/presidency?


Swall explains that Greek life is a great opportunity for interactions with others and real world experiences, such as leadership and communication skills! The networking opportunities are constant, provided with more value based bonds than most college options. Being in a sorority is so different than any other organization on campus because of the bonding sisterhoods you are able to experience! As for officer positions, Maddie voices that it is one of the biggest growing experiences anyone will ever have, but confirms that it’s most definitely beneficial in the long run. You’ll not only learn more about yourself, but your confidence within will grow along with your strengths!


What’s the hardest part of being president/easiest part?


“The hardest part is definitely trying to time manage everything and still take time for myself. It’s really hard to juggle school work and the sorority all while still trying to stay sane! The easiest part would be to talk to everybody and work with the officers. They’re all great people and I know them on a good level enough to work with them!”


How will being a Tri Delta help you in the future?


“It’ll help me be more confident in my communication and social skills. I just believe that when you are the most confident in yourself, that is when you’re able to do the best in whatever you choose to do.”


We don’t doubt Maddie Swall will blow us away with her passion, intelligence, and confidence! Delta Love and More from the Her Campus Team!


Hi, my name is Karony (Care-uh-knee)! I am a second year HDFS student at Colorado State University and I love being involved on campus. You'll probably find me working VS PINK events on campus or fundraising for Camp Kesem. Check me out on Instagram: @AmatoDaVoi
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