Please Stop Using Plastic Straws

Please Stop Using Plastic Straws

It’s probably not hard for you to think about the last time you used a plastic straw (probably the last time you got coffee or went out to eat) but have you ever thought how much of a waste they are? You use a straw once and you throw it away, never to use it again. Straws are a big part of the waste created by humans. Did you know according to the National Park Service, Americans use about 500 million straws PER DAY?! That’s crazy!

On top of how much we use, straws usually cannot be recycled, which means they almost always end up in our trash, landfills and oceans. Straws in the ocean affect the wildlife in lots of ways. On example is with sea turtles who get straws stuck in their nostrils. If you would like to see the reality of how devastating this is click here.

A few steps have been taken recently to help with the straw impact. One of these efforts is the dining halls on campus taking straws out of the dining hall. Another example is McDonald’s in the UK switching over to biodegradable paper straws instead of plastic straws.

I’m asking for you to do your part in helping with this impact. You can help by not using straws whenever possible. At restaurants ask for no straw. When you get your iced coffee use you own cup with your own straw or don’t get a lid/straw. If you love using straws to drink your beverages (like I do) this might be harder than it sounds.

Another way you can help is investing in your own reusable straw. There is a variety of great options online ranging from almost unbreakable glass straws, silicone straws, and stainless-steel straws. Carry the straw with you when you can (in your backpack or purse) and use it whenever possible. Please take this one easy step to help save our environment and our wildlife.