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Spring break is usually a time of getaway and when most college students escape their school work. This spring break I had nothing planned besides going home, which is always exciting for me, but VS PINK had offered all CSU and CU Boulder students an opportunity of a lifetime. Let me tell you about our beautiful day with PINK!


CSU and CU Boulder students were given the opportunity to travel to Breckenridge, Colorado and hang out in a massive mansion! We arrived around 2pm and we were given a quick catered lunch which was delicious. I had a hand crafted sandwich, some chicken skewers, fruit salad, and some water. After lunch, we were given the option of going snowshoeing or ice skating. I’ve never been snowshoeing before so I decided this would be a great time to try it for the first time.


We then took a quick car ride over to the snowshoeing center where we were given hard snow boots and then ventured outside. We placed our feet in tennis racket looking things and tightened them. If you’ve never heard of snowshoeing, it’s essentially like hiking but with the ability to walk on snow. At some points, we were probably walking on about 3 feet of packed snow. We learned lots of fun new things on our hike such as the fact that pine trees serve other purposes in our life like how some antibiotics and even antibacterials.


After our snowshoe hike, we headed back to the house for the activities that they had planned for us there. There was an awesome design bar where you were given a lace up PINK thermal and ironed on a decal, which was super fun! There was an oxygen bar which helped me to feel rejuvenated after hiking because it increases your oxygen intake. There was s’mores and hot tubbing outside on the deck where PINK had provided us a towels! After hot tubbing, we got manicures, massages, and facials. All very relaxing activities that we could all enjoy!


Around 5 or so, we had our catered dinner which was delicious. We had mac and cheese, lasagna, mini sliders and a fruit salad. At this point I was very tired and winded down in the huge theater room while watching Bridesmaids.


Before I knew it, it was 7:00 and time to go! At the end of the trip we were given goodie bags with a ton of pink’s new beauty line (which is great!). Also, throughout the day we were allowed to grab two other pink beauty products. All of it is coconut themed, and I am IN LOVE with coconut! We were all given socks at the end as well!

I am absolutely in love with PINK and this day was dream come true. I would definitely re-live it if i could.



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