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            For some reason, the word love seems complicated, like it has a bad stigma to it.


            I’ve had friends throughout high school, and now into college refuse to use the “L” word because it’s too complicated, it makes things too complicated.


            The word love is not making anything complicated, you are making things complicated.


            If you love someone, tell them.


            You have one life and if you love someone, let that person hear it.


            Love shouldn’t be a word we’re afraid to use.


            I think back to when I started dating my boyfriend in high school, and when we first broke out the word love. I believe we waited a couple months, but I fell in love with him from the first couple of weeks. I found my person but why did I wait for months to pass by before expressing that?


            Because, that is what we’re told by the people around us and society in general.


            For some reason, it’s not normal for us to throw around the word love. Which, I can understand to a degree. It’s a word with a whole lot of meaning. BUT, if you genuinely know you are so fully in love with someone, it’s important to express that.


            I love the word love.


            There’s no reason for you not to either.


Well hello there, my name is Kaitlyn. I am a sophomore at Colorado State University, studying social work. I probably spend a good 70% of my life at Starbucks or other local coffee shops. I also probably spend way too much time posting on Instagram. If you'd like to see my work there so far, follow me @kaitlynkusmik
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