It's Time for Snow!

CSU campus brings so many together, from all different parts of the country and the world. Some are accustomed to snowy weather, but some, like out of staters, have never seen snow before! With our first bout of snowy, cold weather out of the way, I thought now would be a good time to share some tips for dealing with the snow in Colorado from a lifelong resident!

                One of the most important things is to know what to wear when it’s snowing and icy. A good pair of waterproof and insulated boots is a great idea. If insulated is too hard to find or too expensive, then a good pair of warm socks, or some cheap foot warmers are highly recommended in my book! Keeping your feet warm and dry is key to enjoying the winter here in Colorado, because snow and slush are all too common from now until sometimes early May! It is so important to stay warm. Keeping warm helps your immune system, which keeps you from getting sick during cold and flu season!

                On top of your coat, mittens, and scarf, never forget a good winter hat! A warm beanie or knitted hat not only looks cute, but help keep your ears and head warm. While it’s a myth that wearing a hat helps you retain more body heat, I find that it really makes a difference in making me feel super cozy on cold days, and with so many different styles it can be a great statement piece or accessory to a cute winter outfit.  

                As far as walking around campus goes, CSU is pretty good about keeping walkways clear of ice and snow, but always watch out and avoid icy spots! If your shoes don’t have good traction you will slip and you will fall. I have seen people get seriously hurt rushing and slipping on ice before (broken wrists don’t look like they feel very good) so just have that in the back of your mind!

                If you plan on doing some driving this winter, then just remember that driving in snow requires more caution and patience, but is nothing scary! Always stop earlier than you think you need to in case you slide, accelerate slowly, and pay extra attention to other drivers, in case they lose control! Just be aware, and nothing catastrophic will happen.  

                That being said, there’s lots to enjoy about winter in Colorado! Up in the high country, Colorado has amazing skiing and snowboarding, as well as snowmobiling trips, or ice fishing. If those sound a little extreme to you, there’s always the classic snowball fight, making snow angels, and snowmen. I find that snowy winter days are best for making some double chocolate hot cocoa and curling up with a good book.

                I hope this was helpful for our friends that don’t really know how snow works yet,  and that Coloradans  that have lived in the snow forever got a good laugh, but don’t forget: “Rams take care of Rams”, so If you know someone who has not dealt with the cold and snow, take care of them! We have a cold Colorado Winter ahead, so stay warm and don’t forget to get out and enjoy it!