A Guide for Coffee Addicts (like me, obviously)

If you’re anything like me, you love your usual spot for your usual coffee. BUT if you’re also like me, you like to switch things up every once in a while. BUT if you’re once again like me, you have a hard time switching things up because what the heck do you get at a place that isn’t your usual spot? Well…I decided to put together a list of coffee shops and the best drinks they offer in the Loveland/Fort Collins area. You are so welcome.


  1. Dazbog: Iced Vanilla Latte or White Russian Chai.

  2. Loveland Coffee: Cold Brew with Almond Milk or Oregon Chai. Located: 29th St, Loveland.

  3. Dutch Bros: Iced Golden Eagle Breve or Iced Almond Bar Latte.

  4. HARBINGER COFFEE: Iced Expresso with Almond Milk (yeah, I know, I’m getting predictable with the almond milk) Also try the Cardi-C, because of the name and because it’s an amazing cinnamon latte. The aesthetic themes in this coffee shop will keep you coming back. Located: Mason St, Fort Collins and Harmony Rd, Fort Collins.

  5. Connect Coffee Shop: Vanilla House Coffee: This coffee shop is located in Redeemer Lutheran Church, so it’s a little hidden place, not a lot of people know about. It’s such a cute coffee shop that has the nicest workers. I also recommend trying one of their Umpqua oatmeal’s. Overall, this place needs to be shared, so this is my gift to you. Enjoy.

  6. Cuppy’s Coffee: The obvious flavored latte (‘im sure you can guess what flavor I’d pick). Almond. Their signature drink, chocolate covered cherry (chocolate & cherry) is always a good choice as well. This coffee shop is located on Drake Rd, right across from CSU Vet School.

  7. The Crooked Cup: Expresso Americano: Located in Old Town Fort Collins. This is a cute coffee shop, not a ton of choices with specialty coffee drinks but you can always add flavors and different milks as you please. This is a good place to try with a group of friends for the experience.

  8. Dark Heart Coffee Shop: This is also a great place to go for the experience. Extremely aesthetic. This is the coffee shop with the bathroom mirror that says, “You Look Fine,” so that’s a big reason to go and grab a picture. They sell all different flavors of macarons, which makes it an automatic win for a coffee shop. This is not somewhere I go if I’m in a rush, but you definitely can. Located: Jefferson Ave, Loveland.

  9. The Coffee Tree: If you’re a pumpkin spice fan, this is the place to go for an iced blended coffee with pumpkin spice. Of course, with every other coffee shop, pumpkin spice is seasonal, so head over soon and try it!! This is one of the only coffee shops I’ve found with the most in depth tea list. They have all sorts of flavors for black teas, green teas, and herbal teas. Located: 4th St. Loveland.

  10. Loco Artisan Coffee House: This is another coffee shop that is great for the atmosphere. This coffee shop is filled with live music and art pieces hanging on every wall. Also listen to how amazing this is… They have a “pay it forward board” where you can purchase food for those less fortunate and post what you bought on the wall. I absolutely love the creativity this coffee shop holds. Located: Cleveland Ave, Loveland.


I hope this is helpful for coffee lovers, addicts, adventurers, etc. I clearly spend too much time at coffee shops, but hey I do it for you guys… kind of. I really love coffee too.