FALL-ing in love with Colorado Pt. 3

 Hello, hello, hello! It’s me, coming back at you, fully rejuvenated from a weekend in the mountains!

              Welcome back to another edition of my current fall series, where I do typical fall activities in our local Fort Collins and Colorado area! I decided to revisit a town I had been to before a few weeks ago, but this time with a twist.

              Staying in a cabin neighboring Rocky Mountain National Park, I spent two days (on a budget) exploring the woods, and watching the gorgeous alpines turn their stunning gold. It’s these brief moments of the season called “Fall” here in Colorado before the winter comes in full brutal force, that we get a beautiful reminder of true “green and gold.”

              As you all know, as someone who isn’t from here, I truly love experiencing everything truly “Colorado” and being able to walk the picturesque mountain town of Estes is a dream made reality.

              These small towns that we get to experience come with amazing history, oftentimes hidden away, and it’s up to us to try to find those stories to rediscover.

              You can bet your bottom dollar I walked those streets during the height of the Elk Fest wandering around, searching for the best Salt Water Taffy in town (which I have made a decision on) and the best waffle cones.

              But while supporting local businesses were amazing (of course) for me it really was the highlight of being able to experience all the wilderness around. Time is short, the seasons, especially fall in Colorado is even shorter.

              I highly recommend making a trip to the historic Estes before the leaves all fall off. This season always makes me miss the northeast where fall lasts for weeks, and the colors are a true rainbow. The crunch when you walk, the cool air, the smell of the earth… I don’t know about you all- but I live for that!

              I hope you’re all doing well in classes and haven’t been too overwhelmed yet. If you’re rockin’ the game- great job! And if you aren’t… well, it’s not too late! Take care of yourselves Rams! Take advantage of this rad State and get outside!

              Stay happy, healthy, and safe y’all.

P.S. I saw my first ever wild elk herd this past weekend, and actual wild rams. So, it’s safe to say I am thriving this week. #LivingMyBestLife


P.P.S. I really don’t do well in high altitudes… the sickness is real my friends!