Disneyland Hacks

I've been to Disneyland about 10 times within my 18 years of living and every time I go again I discover more hacks to make my stay at Disneyland enjoyable and not stressful. I am willing to share those hacks with you so here they are below.


  1. Get a Dole Whip! This is a pineapple soft serve and probably the best you'll ever get. The line is usually around 20 minutes, but most definitely worth it! I didn't discover them until my 5th time going to Disneyland so now I make sure to make a stop there when I go now.

  2. Take advantage of fast passes. These will save you lots of time by not having to wait in line for big attractions. You take an alternative line and wait maybe 10 minutes maximum. But you do need to get there early in order to get all your fast passes because they usually run out after noon for the big rides.

  3. Wear comfortable shoes. I am sure this one is obvious, but some people think they will be fine and end up getting blisters with bad shoes. Wear some tennis shoes and you should be good to walk all over both parks.

  4. California Adventure usually closes early. My family and I usually like to make it there during the middle of the day so we are able to get all those attractions in. There's pretty cool themed rides there.

  5. Go on rides during the parades. You will save a ton of time waiting in line by riding rides while everyone is watching the parade.

  6. Watch the firework show. Disney actually puts on a firework show every single night they are open. It is very well put together and there is typically a storyline to it which makes it a lot better.

  7. Eat lunch either early or later. You don't want to be stuck eating lunch while everyone else is and that’ll prevent you from shorter lines.  


Remember to always have fun and that this should not be a time of stressing out. Enjoy your vacation and hopefully these tips make it go smoother.