The CSU Social Media Insider: Maddie Spensieri

                                                                                    (Maddie on the Left and Her Partner Melody on the Right)

If you’ve ever searched up the words Colorado State University, VS Pink, or haul in your YouTube search bar, the name Maddie Spensieri has most likely popped up in your results. Maddie Spensieri is currently a junior at CSU majoring in Communications. Spensieri also minors in Technical and Science communication. Not to mention, she is also a VS Pink Rep, YouTuber and social media influencer! She has over 18,000 YouTube subscribers with over 1.7 million views and 2,400+ Instagram followers. You could say Maddie knows what she’s doing when it comes to the internet! I had the opportunity to work by Maddie’s side and see her platform techniques in action. She has a huge influence among the CSU campus and truly is the definition of a Her Campus Collegiette.


How did you get started with YouTube?

“I watched a lot of YouTube videos growing up, especially in high school. I’d watch a bunch of videos like makeup tutorials and stuff like that. When I became a freshman at CSU and started working at Victoria’s Secret, I started making haul videos and more college-related videos, like moving into my dorm. The videos started getting me subscribers, so I just stuck with it.”


How did it feel to see your platform grow?

“It was pretty surprising for me.” Spensieri stated with enthusiasm. “I always wanted it to happen, but from hitting 1,000 subscribers to now being at 18,000 subscribers, it’s still a surprising experience for me. I am really happy about it and grateful. It's been a lot of fun.” (It’s claimed that videos of Spensieri reaching a certain number of subscribers results in a tearful, grateful video for her viewers.) Maddie is stoked to see her numbers grow so she can share her life and advice to anyone who needs it!


How do you incorporate being a CSU student into your social media presence?

Spensieri explains that since she’s been in school, all the things she’s involved in help with her videos. Her ability to gather her sorority sisters and on campus activities allow her to share events and friends all over social media. Maddie utilizes her everyday tasks and make them into a picture perfect moment for her friends and viewers to see!

What did it feel like being accepted for the position of PINK Campus Rep?

“I was really, really excited. There's another video on my channel of my reaction when I opened the email and got the position. I was so pumped!” Spensieri said. While on vacation in Florida, she had received the email that she had been chosen for the CSU PINK Campus Rep position. Even before given the position, the Skype interview with the PINK Marketing team left her over the moon about working with them. Even after receiving the position in the second year in a row, her excitement only heightened due to her co-representative Melody who is claimed to be the best partner ever, making it an even better year for her PINK experience.


What would you say to someone who wants to become a Youtuber?

“I would say post videos and content that's unique to you. I posted videos about working at Victoria’s Secret, being in college and all the things I am really passionate about. Just do what drives you and motivates you, instead of copying what's popular online.”


How about to someone looking to become a PINK Campus Rep?

Spensieri advised to definitely be passionate about the brand. Doing your research is vital because there's a lot of stuff online that will give you the knowledge to show that you are really committed to it. Maddie is certain that they're not looking for people who aren't into the brand and being a PINK girl. Being passionate and loving the brand is essential for showing that you’re the best candidate.


I know you are a member of Kappa Delta. How has that affected your college years?

“It's actually helped me network a lot. My sisters aren’t her only friends in sororities. I have gotten so many friends from Greek life and my friends in Kappa Delta are friends with other sororities, too. It's just awesome and has helped motivate me throughout my school years.”


Do you have any advice on someone who is hesitant on applying or committing to CSU?

“Definitely come to CSU” Maddie exclaims, “Tour CSU first, because that's how I ended up loving it so much. It ended up being the only school I applied to in the end because the vibes here are awesome, everyone's super friendly. Colorado State is the best!”. Her love for CSU was instantaneous and proves that love at first sight is true in any situation. Be open to touring and keep an eye out for where you see yourself on campus.


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Photo courtesy of Maddie Spensieri and PINK