COLLEGE: What to Expect When Expecting

College is a new beginning for everyone and what you make out of it is totally in your hands. Today, I have decided to write about some tips and tricks to enhance your college experience and make the transition smooth and steady.

  1. Attend lectures: This is probably the most important part of college. Tons of students tend to slack off with attendance because there is more freedom than ever before. Will you get in trouble if you skip lecture? Probably not. Will your grades suffer? Absolutely. My advice to college freshman is to go to every lecture possible. I know things pop up but attend as many as possible and you will absolutely have a better grade than those who don't attend lecture regularly.    

  2. Make friends with in class: You are more likely to succeed within the class if you have friends in the course, especially in classes with 300 students. They can help you study and answer any questions you may have about the work within the class. With your newly made friends, I would also encourage you to sit closer to the front of the classroom because students who sit closer tend to do better in the overall class. This is probably one of my favorite pieces of advice.

  3. Plan!!!!: Time management is a huge issue for college students but my suggestion is to buy a planner and plan it all out. Obviously, you don't have to schedule your social time but simply being aware of what's due when will really help you hold yourself accountable and more likely to stay on top of things.

  4. Join organizations: In case you didn't know, building your resume begins now! Joining organizations on campus will give many positive things to add to your resume. Not only that, but they’ll give you life long lessons that will take with you beyond your collegiate career and use within your professional life. You are also able to network and make many new connections as well as friends during the process.

  5. Get to know your learning style: Personally I have always handwritten my notes, but when I came to college and saw everyone typing on their laptops, I felt a little left out. So, I tried typing notes for a week in one of my elective courses and it did not work out very well for me. My lesson from this was to understand how you learn the best. This will help you in the long run.


I hope this can be deemed helpful and useful! I am so excited to be back and I hope you are too rams! Happy first semester!