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Coachella Festival Fashion

What I Wore to Coachella 2018


My favorite thing about summer is festival season. I’m OBSESSED with all things festival fashion. I love the creativity and unique styles that people wear. And though my Coachella experience wasn’t what I imagined it would have been, I’m still thankful I got to experience the festival (and see the Queen Bee). I’m still a lover of festival fashion so I’m thrilled to share what I wore.


The First Day:

Coachella was my first big music festival, I usually attend concerts at Red Rocks. I knew my outfit for Coachella had to be bigger and more extra that I have been before.

I went with black high waisted swimsuit bottoms, a belly dancer wrap jingle skirt, a black bralette, and a fun hot pink wig. I accessorized with a jewel set for my chest and a black bandana to help prevent myself from breathing in dust. Of course, I had glitter galore as well and a black shawl for when it got cooler in the evening. I had an adorable black baker boy out, but unfortunately got stuck in a mosh pit on the way inside and lost it in the crowd. I did however replace it with a fun black floppy hat once inside the grounds.  

Day Two:

If there is one thing I’ve learned from attending past concerts, always have a backup outfit. I’m so thankful I ended up bringing this bodysuit from Honey Punch because after my original day two outfit didn’t work out. The bodysuit from Honey Punch is black, gold, and silver horizontal sequence. I styled my hair in space buns and wore a jewel set on my face. This outfit made me feel like a festival goddess and I did prance around the festival grounds in that aesthetic. To keep my hands free, I also had a fanny pack to keep excess glitter and chapstick.

Final Day:

The third & final day of Coachella I wore my favorite outfit. Funny story, this outfit is actually a swimsuit. I wore red high waisted swimsuit bottoms with a checkered pattern swimsuit top with flames across the bottom. As it got cooler at night I threw on a mesh flame overlay dress. I reused the hat I bought from the first day and wore a bandana as well to not breathe in the dust.  This outfit was just so cute and I felt very confident while frockling around the festival.


All three days I wore black booties with cuts in the sides and silver buckle detailing. I didn’t plan on wearing them all three days, but they ended up being the most comfortable and so versatile with every outfit. Though my three days at Coachella didn’t live up to my expectations, I’m glad I got to experience the festival & look cute while doing so. ;)


Becca is currently a senior studying apparel & merchandising with a business administration minor at Colorado State. She loves sustainable fashion and discovering new ethical brands. Becca is a Target soccer mom at heart who is obsessed with tacos. This year Becca is one of the CSU Fashion Show directors. When not busy with school, work, or extra curricular activities, you can find her loving on her dog (Corona), hanging out with family & friends, sleeping, or at the local Target (OBVI).
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