The Best Places to Photograph in NoCo

Northern Colorado, and Colorado in general, is known for its breathtaking beauty and vast instagram-worthy locations. Here, I have compiled a few of my favorite photo locations, perfect for a shoot of any type. I highly recommend going around dusk or dawn to get the best lighting! 


Horsetooth Reservoir 


 Horsetooth Reservoir is an easy drive from Fort Collins, with several different great photo opportunities around it. Different rocks alongside the cliff create dynamic backgrounds and gives a gorgeous "in touch with nature" vibe. Across the street from this specific location, you can also get a nice view of Fort Collins itself. 


Old Town


 Old Town's dynamic scenery is a perfect place for any shoot and you can really get creative with the different statues, murals, plants, and street life. Old Town is a perfect for those who want a more laid back, city vibe- I highly recommend it as a starting location for senior photos or couples. To get the most out of this location, go on an early weekday morning in order to capture the best lighting and to avoid the crowds. 


Downtown Denver


 Though this location has a bit farther of a drive, Downtown Denver (especially at night) is incredibly worth it. The city lights, bright flashing tones, and city culture adds an extra edge to your photos. No flash is required here, as there are plenty of locations that give off the perfect amount of light without being too harsh on your subject.


Windsor Lake


 Hidden behind the main part of the town, Windsor Lake provides an exceptional background, with large colorful trees (that are often hard to find in newer parts of Colorado) and a large lake. I recommend visiting this lake near sunset in order to perfectly capture the light coming through the leaves of the trees- and definitely plan on going in Spring, Summer, or Fall.